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LiVE Services Group is your local air conditioning experts. Our highly skilled air conditioning technicians can help you select the right system for your home.

Our team of experts can install, service, or repair your split system air conditioning unit. We also offer specialised cleaning services to ensure your system runs smoothly. No matter if you are looking for a ducted system for your house or a split-system air conditioner for your apartment, our specialists have the knowledge and experience to handle all types of air conditioners.

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Are you unsure who to trust to remove the summer heat from your home or office? LiVE Services Group can help. Our licensed air conditioning technicians are available on the roads in fully equipped vehicles that are stocked with the latest technology to meet your needs. Call LiVE Services Group 24/7 at 1800 548 332, if you need an air conditioning technician immediately.

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LiVE Services Group is committed to providing high-quality services for our customers right across South East Queensland. Our rates and prices will be clearly laid out before work begins. They will remain the same after the work is completed to ensure no nasty surprises. LiVE Services Group prides itself on being locally trusted and providing prompt, professional support when you need us most. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all labour and are fully insured.

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LiVE Services Group is proud to partner with Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric; Mitsubishi Heavy Industries; and Australian-owned and manufactured Advantage Air Ducted air conditioning systems and stock every just about every other brand of aircon system.

MyAir Smart Climate Control

As the leading aircon specialists throughout South-East Queensland, we’ve formed partnerships with leading aircon suppliers & technology partners such as MyAir – a smart control system for your aircon system and lighting. MyAir is an Advantage Air product that allows you to control the settings for your ducted air conditioning remotely via a smartphone or tablet app. Providing you with absolute control over the comfort of your home, MyAir can be fitted in both new and existing homes. Give our friendly team a call to see ifthe MyAir Smart Climate Control system is right for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Split air conditioning systems are named because one half of the system (the condenser) is outside, and the other half (the fan coil) inside the house. The fan coil takes in the warm air inside the room and removes it. This cools the air, which is then recirculated back into the house. The heat pump can also be run in reverse so that it provides heating on cold days.

Split air conditioning systems are designed to be installed in individual rooms or areas. They can also be connected via copper piping to an outside unit (condenser). Split air conditioning systems can accommodate up to nine rooms, with one outdoor unit (condenser) while still allowing each room to have its own temperature control.

Wall mounted split air conditioning systems are the most common in residences as they tend to be more affordable and easier to maintain.

Inverter Technology – With the help of inverter technology, your comfort is going to be elevated throughout the year since it has a constant temperature and saves a lot of costs. It also provides a relatively lower noise when used. These come from controlling the compressor rotation to maintain a constant airflow.

Budget Conscious – Wall mounted split air conditioners are an affordable way to cool one room, an apartment, or a small house. They also require no ducts or other labour-intensive setups.

Individual Climate Control – Each indoor unit has the capability to maintain the room it is located in at a desired temperature. You can adjust the temperature for rooms that are not used or aren’t needing heating/cooling to save energy and costs.

Air Quality – Split systems often come with filters and controls to regulate the amount of dust and humidity in a room. This helps those who are sensitive to these environmental triggers like kids, elderly people, or those with asthma or other allergies.

Multi-Head Split Systems – With multi-head split systems, you can connect multiple indoor units to one bigger outdoor unit which means you’re always able to find the perfect air conditioning size for your room.


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Thermostats should be set between 21-24 deg. C in cooling mode and between 18-21 deg. C in heating mode. Every degree outside those bands can increase running costs by up to 15%.

Heaters and air conditioners are given star rating for their performance – however there are often two sets of starts to look at: blue stars that rate cooling efficiency, and red stars assess heating.

The process of cooling air involves the secondary process of dehumidification. Moisture is removed from the air when it comes into contact with the cold air conditioning evaporator coil. This process is perfectly normal.

Regular filter maintenance helps your heating and cooling system operate at peak levels and improves indoor air quality. It is important to clean filters regularly to ensure proper air flow and to keep your house or office free from dust, allergens and germs.

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