Safety Audits


We can carry out a comprehensive examination of your electrical system. We check for things like corrosion, damaged or loose components, hot joins on connections in switchboards, and cracked or damaged covers. An electrical fault could cost you a pretty penny as well as the inherent danger to your loved ones or employees. We take pride in helping our customers stay safe. Book your safety audit today. 

Why choose us For Your Free Electrical Safety Audit?

Our qualified electricians service homes as well as commercial businesses. We offer not only electrical safety audits but also a wide array of services to South East Queensland. Get peace of mind today knowing that your property is safe. 

What’s included in an electrical safety audit?

Our experienced electricians will carry out comprehensive visual inspections of all electrical components at your property. This includes checking for things like outdated wiring or any electrical works that aren’t up to code. Our electricians are also equipped with the proper equipment to ensure all electrical testing can be carried out in a proficient manner to avoid possible injuries or expensive repair work down the line. They will test things like your smoke detectors, lighting, safety switches and power points. Any issues found during the audit can be clearly explained and a plan put in place to ensure your property is brought up to a safe standard.  

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