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Property owners, both residential and commercial, should ensure that all electrical appliances are tested at their appropriate periods, most general appliances need to be tested once a year. LiVE Services Group is the best place to get a tag and test done in Queensland. We have teams based state-wide to service your needs wherever you may be. We’ve been performing electrical testing and tag for 15+ years.

Safety is our top priority to identify any issues in appliances, our qualified electricians employ the most recent technology. To ensure safety, we inspect all your appliances from Computer and IT equipment, through to cooking appliances. Both residential and commercial customers trust our test & tag services to ensure they’re compliance and safety. We will make sure your space is safe from any electrical hazards.

Why choose us?

LiVE Services Group uses top tier equipment to provide accurate and precise results. Our team is made up of individuals with diverse skill sets, all qualified to perform tag and test checks throughout Queensland. We are the best choice if you want high-quality, efficient work.

Test & tagging for your business

Queensland businesses can be compliant with the electrical regulations and guidelines of Safe Work Australia by using our commercial testing and tag service. In a commercial environment, electrical equipment & machines are under constant strain & use. Our expertise allows us to identify and repair the damage before they become more severe.

Why do I need a to carry out testing?

Test & Tag of electrical equipment can help put your mind at ease about whether an item is still safe to use. Faulty electrical equipment can cause fires which can quickly turn into an expensive problem. Fires aren’t the only danger though, a faulty appliance or piece of equipment can give you or your loved ones a nasty electrical shock.

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