LED Lighting


LED Lighting has been increasing in popularity for good reason. LED lights produce more light per fitting, use less energy, and produce less heat making them more cost effective as well as safer. Using LED lighting doesn’t just make sense practically, financially or from a safety standpoint, but also from an aesthetic point of view. There is a wide array to choose from so you’re sure to find what works for your property from downlights and pendant lights, to outdoor spotlights used for home or commercial property security purposes.

Why choose us?

LiVE Services Group’s experience can help advise you on what options would work best in different areas of your home or commercial property. They can also work with you on placement or fitting options to ensure you achieve your desired outcome. Our qualified electricians have worked in thousands of properties and will use that experience to ensure the end result is something that is not only functional, but also something that you and your loved ones will enjoy for years to come. 

Indoor Lighting

When it comes to indoor LED lighting, downlights are one of the most popular options. They can sit flush with the ceiling so they don’t intrude or take anything away from the space, but instead just enhance it. LED lights can have different lighting options, from a cool white which are best suited for working spaces, or kitchens and laundries, to a warm white which are often used in bedrooms or areas for relaxation like living rooms. Pendant lights and wall lights are also favoured and can be used to draw the eye to statement pieces, or can be the statement pieces themselves. 

Outdoor Lighting

Whether you want to light up pathways, highlight your gardens, increase security with sensor spotlights, or just create a welcoming ambience for your outdoor living areas, outdoor LED lighting can enhance outdoor spaces with boundless options. 

Why should I upgrade to LED lighting?

LED lighting is more energy efficient meaning that they use less power to power the light and generally will be brighter than older lights. Over the span of a whole property, swapping all old inefficient fittings could wind up saving you quite a lot of money over the years while lighting your space more effectively. LED lights also produce a lot less heat while active, this means that they’re safer, not just to the touch should one be accidently handled, but also when installed near insulation or combustible building materials. 

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