CCTV Inspections


Our CCTV unit is highly skilled in locating and assessing drainage system problems. We are committed to providing the best prices, service, and advice for our customers. We can recommend a variety of preventative and treatment options once a blocked drain is cleared. Our South East Queensland drain cleaning specialists can perform a thorough drain inspection using our CCTV drain camera. We can provide a variety of solutions depending on your budget and circumstances, including scheduled clearing, or pipe-lining. We offer full repair and replacement services for sewerage pipes and junctions that have been damaged.

Why choose us?

LiVE Services Group is a specialist in emergency plumbing and drain cleaning. Our strategically located team can offer same-day plumbing and drainage services across South East Queensland and the surrounding areas. For advice regarding a blocked drain, contact us at 1800 548 332.

Viewing the line

To determine the state of storm water or sewage systems, CCTV drain camera inspections can be utilised. We use a flexible drainage camera to assess tree root entry, pipe joins, and damaged/stuck pipework. This invaluable tool allows us to locate and diagnose without excavation. Our drain camera inspections use state-of-the-art monitoring gear to produce high quality images and depth indication. The image on the right shows a typical example tree root entry. It was taken from one of our CCTV drain camera inspections.

Locating the pipework

CCTV drain inspections can be used to determine the location and depth of damaged pipes within a plumbing system. The camera is placed in the drain and a locating device above the ground locates it. This allows us to plot a precise map of the pipework on the property. This is especially useful if the fault in the pipework is located under a concrete or paved area. We can then remove the required pavers/concrete and reduce the mess and disturbance to the area. All video footage and historical information are kept on file and can be accessed upon request.

If there is a persistent blockage in the drain, we recommend that a CCTV drain camera inspection is done. After a drain camera inspection is completed, we can provide an informed recommendation on a long-term, medium-term or short-term solution.

Storm-water & Sewer Damage

Older homes are often notorious for having blocked drains. This is often due to earthenware sewerage lines, which are made from clay and mortar. The mortar can begin to crumble over time, allowing tree roots into the sewer line and causing a blockage. If the problem is not addressed promptly, tree roots can cause sewer pipe ruptures. Our highly trained team of plumbers can help in such cases.

We are specialists in drainage and plumbing inspections at LiVE Services Group. We have the experience to clear all types of blockages. The camera systems are state-of-the art and are operated by trained drainage technicians. For a quick and thorough drain inspection, contact us today. We offer a workmanship guarantee.

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