Exit & Emergency Lighting


LiVE Services Group are the experts in compliance for exit and emergency lighting. They must be tested every six months according to the Australian Standard AS2293.1.

We can arrange a testing program that will ensure your system is compliant and operating. This will ensure your assets meet Australian standards 2293.2 as well as all applicable industry codes. Call 1800 548 332 to learn more about our regular testing or our compliance discount program.

Workplace emergency & exit lighting Services

Businesses and workplaces must have emergency lighting. This is also known as spitfire lighting. These lights are located above common areas in buildings, such as stairs, and provide sufficient light to allow people to exit the building safely. To ensure safety at work, emergency lighting must be tested bi-annually.

Testing / Maintenance of Lighting

For complete safety services, we can combine exit light testing with safety switch testing, circuit breaker testing, and the electrical equipment testing and tag processes. We can also replace existing emergency lighting or halogen bulbs with longer-lasting, more efficient LED lighting options.

To schedule your next maintenance lighting inspection and testing, call our friendly and professional staff at 1800 548 332. As your local electrician, LiVE Services Group is your trusted and accredited expert, offering the best in the industry.

How does the testing work on your maintained lighting?

Each unit is inspected according to AS/NZS2293 Standards, which are performed every six months. Any faulty lamps are then replaced. The fittings will be subject to a 90-minute test without mains power, in order to verify that backup battery power is sufficient for the duration. A detailed log will be kept, which records all fittings passing and failing the test and their locations. The test will determine if any fittings fail to pass. This will allow you to prolong the life of your emergency lights or exit signs.

3 main types of exit lighting

Exit lighting is usually installed above doors or strategically placed to assist people in finding the closest exit.

There are three types of exit lights that can be found in buildings.

  • Sustained – The sustained emergency light is equipped with two lamps, one for everyday mains power, and one for when mains power fails.
  • Non-maintained – These emergency lights, which are usually not illuminated and are always on charge, only light up when the main power goes out.
  • Maintained – An emergency light that is maintained has one lamp, which can be illuminated on both mains power, and when mains fails and is powered by a backup battery.

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