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Is your home compliant with the latest regulations?

Alarm systems should have the following features:

  • Be photoelectric and comply with the Australian Trade Standard 3786-2014
  • The ionisation sensor in this device is not new and was manufactured less than 10 years ago.
  • It’s important to always have these alarms in your home or property in good working order. You also need to make sure they’re interconnected with every other alarm in the house.

If you install a smoke alarm any time from the new year onwards, it should be a photoelectric type that follows Australian Standard AS 3786.

Smoke alarms which are hardwired to the power supply should be replaced with photoelectric models if they need replacement.

There are some different types of smoke alarms. Wired ones are hardwired into the main power supply while battery operated ones can usually use batteries. There are also wireless models where you’ll need to install an alarm on each level of your house separately or wirelessly connect them together.

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It is crucial to find a tradesman who can provide you with the correct advice regarding smoke alarm legislation. It could not only save you hundreds of money, but it could also save the life of someone you love. For over 15+ years, we have been installing smoke detectors in Brisbane homes. Call the team that you can trust to provide the best advice and get the job done today.

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Do not waste your time with an untrained, non-certified smoke alarm installer. They don’t have the right qualifications and are not compliant with the latest safety regulations. Make sure your family is safe with trained electricians who adhere to the safety COVID19 protocols.

Our Brisbane smoke alarm specialists are highly qualified and certified. We stock the latest smoke alarms and the most reputable brands to keep you safe should the worst strike.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ionization smoke alarms detect smoke particles that are ionized by heat, while photoelectric alarms detect smoke particles that are in the visible light spectrum. Ionization alarms respond to changes in the rate of ions in the air, while photoelectric alarms respond to changes in the rate of flow of photons.

Every month: Test your smoke alarms to check for battery and alarm functionality press the ‘test’ button every month. This will offer you that additional peace of mind should you be in danger.

Every six months: Vacuum the inside of your smoke alarms. This will get rid of any particles that would hinder them from working.

Once a year: You should replace the battery in your smoke alarm every year. If your smoke alarm uses a lithium battery, it is inbuilt into the alarm and cannot be replaced. The entire unit needs to be replaced every 10 years.

Every 10 years: It is recommended to replace your smoke alarm at least every ten years. Smoke alarms eventually die, so the sensitivity reduces over time. All types of smoke alarms need to be replaced & disposed of, regardless of the type you have.

Installed in the correct position, smoke alarms are your first line of defence in the event of a fire. They detect the smallest particles in the air that are created by smoke from a fire. Alarms should be interlinked so everybody in the home or property is notified in the event of a fire.

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