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Many Queensland homes still have an old electrical switchboard with porcelain fuse. These switchboards are not compliant with Australian Standards (AS3000) and can be dangerous. Fuses are intended to be a safety feature. However, faulty or old fuses can cause electrical fires and faults.

Our experienced and licensed team is familiar with the electrical requirements of new and old Queensland homes. We understand that you want value for money and will always find the best solution for your needs. We will always recommend an upgrade over a replacement. We are experts in electrical safety and will ensure that your upgrade to a switchboard meets Australian safety standards.

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Why do I need a switchboard upgrade?

Legislation and technology has changed over time. No longer should homes have insufficient protection. All circuits should be covered by at least one safety switch “RCD” to avoid electrocution and shock. Things like feeling tingles in the shower can be a small sign of a life threatening problem. Do you have old ceramic fuses, only one safety switch, flammable or asbestos backing old meters, incorrect labelling? Any of these could be a sign that its time to upgrade your switchboard

The main reason for upgrading your switchboard is safety. If your switchboard isn’t big enough or outdated, it can create electrical overload or continuous tripping, both of which are hazardous to your health. This could be happening if this happens, or you don’t think your switchboard is operating correctly, get an electrician in to do the switchboard. The following are a few more reasons to consider upgrading your switchboard:

  • Changes to legislation:  Upgrading your switchboard is important not only for your safety but for compliance with current laws and regulations. Noncompliant switchboards can be a major fire hazard, so it’s important to make sure your switchboard is up to date. If you’re not sure whether your switchboard is compliant, consult with the team at LiVE Services Group today.
  • Smart Meters: If you have a smart meter, then you may need a new switchboard to make sure it works correctly. Smart meters send and receive data remotely, so they need a dedicated switchboard to function properly.
  • Solar: If you have a solar system or are looking at a new one, then it’s important to make sure your switchboard is up to date. Solar systems need a dedicated switchboard and sufficient capacity to function properly, so if you’re not sure whether your switchboard is compliant, consult with an electrician.
  • Safety Switches: The majority of newer switchboards include built-in safety switches, reducing the danger of both shocks and fires.
  • Electrical Fuses: Modern switchboards are more suited to electrical demands that we encounter now, rather than ten years ago, resulting in a decreased risk of your fuses blowing.
  • Overload: The majority of newer switchboards are built to meet the higher electrical demands of today’s homes and workplaces, resulting in a decreased chance of overload.
  • Tripping: This enables your new switchboard to manage the electricity consumption more effectively, resulting in a lower chance of your circuit breakers tripping. If your switchboard doesn’t have sufficient capacity to keep up with modern demand, it can create an electrical overload or result in continuous tripping, both of which can put yourself and your property in danger.


It’s critical for your switchboard to be in excellent operating condition at all times, since it is the key element of safe electrical currency flow. From posing a greater fire hazard to having regular power outages, problems with your switchboard might have continuing consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is unique to each home. It may just involve adding safety switch or may involve completely moving and building a complete new board from scratch. Our professionals can advise you of what is the best and most economical solution for you.

Prices vary greatly. We can upgrade a board for as little as a few hundred dollars however every home is different. Let our technical advise you about the best solution for you home. Below are some of the considerations to make when to decide whether to delay the switchboard upgrade, or not:

  • Size: This is the total size of your present switchboard, as well as the upgrade.
  • Capacity: How much capacity your current switchboard system has.
  • Cabling: The length of electrical wiring required for the upgrade.
  • Rewiring: Does the existing electrical wiring need upgrading or can it handle the new switchboard capacity.
  • Labour costs: How many hours are involved with the execution of the project.


There are a number of other elements to consider (e.g. if your house is already completely wired and ready for an upgrade, costs will almost certainly stay very low), but the ones mentioned above are the most typical. That’s why it’s recommended that you contact your local electrician and get a switchboard upgrade estimate based on your specific situation.

It’s important to note that many homeowners decide to put off a switchboard upgrade since they believe it will be too pricey (among other things). This is not the case, though – safety does not have a price, and replacing your outdated switchboard with a modern one is an investment rather than an expense. Instead of costing you money, switchboard upgrades

A leading cause of house fires in Queensland is the improper installation and maintenance of electrical wiring. This is emphasised by the new legislation which seeks to protect homeowners and enforce these safety measures. Nonetheless, wiring can be difficult to keep up with, but you don’t want a fire because someone cut it too short or overloaded it! Also, if you’re having an electrician upgrade your switchboard, have them check the entire wiring for any issues that way you’re left with no further surprises down the line.

We always try to offer several solutions for each problem you might be facing. Your safety is of the utmost concern and we aim to find a cost affective solution for your situation.

Things like feeling tingles in the shower can be a small sign of a life threatening problem. Do you have old ceramic fuses, only one safety switch, flammable or asbestos backing old meters, incorrect labelling? Any of these could be a sign that its time to upgrade your switchboard.

First and foremost, a switchboard upgrade is not something you can do quickly before your guests come over for dinner! An appropriately licensed and certified electrician must conduct any electrical work on your switchboard. Any electrical repairs should only be done by a professional, not just for safety’s sake, but also for insurance reasons. In the long run, having all of this equipment.

An electrician will need to do a full inspection of your switchboard to see what kind of upgrade is necessary. In many cases, a simple replacement of the fuses will do the trick. However, in some cases a more comprehensive upgrade is necessary, involving new wiring, circuit breakers, or even a new switchboard. Consult with your electrician to see what you need to upgrade today and what you may need to consider down the line.

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