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Using solar energy to heat water is an efficient process of harnessing the Coffs Harbour’s abundant sunshine to significantly reduce your energy bill and greenhouse gas emissions. Solar water heating systems use collectors (i.e. solar panels) on the roof to capture heat. A booster is often used with stand-alone solar hot water systems as a backup to ensure a reliable supply of hot water.

An alternative to solar hot water is a Heat pump, which heats water using energy from the air. Heat Pumps also use a small amount of energy, but are significantly more efficient than a conventional electric water heater.

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The plumbing industry is full of time wasters and lazy contractors who show up late or not at all. We guarantee we’ll show up on time, every time. You won’t be left wasting time or energy waiting around for a plumbing specialist in Coffs Harbour who’ll never show up.

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Right now you can get up to a $150 cashback on selected hot water systems, so you can have a hot water all year round PLUS a complimentary home safety audit, so you can rest comfortably knowing you and your loved ones are safe.

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Our team are insured and accredited so you can sleep easy knowing your staff and workplace won’t be exposed to any unnecessary safety risks! This includes following the safety protocols associated with COVID19.

Right now you can get up to a $150 cashback on selected hot water systems, so you can have a hot water all year round.

Don’t Risk Unsafe Work Which Could Harm Your Family

Don’t waste your time hiring dodgy ‘cash only’ Plumbers who aren’t properly trained and don’t follow safety regulations. Keep your family safe by trained electricians who follow the government’s safety COVID19 protocols.

Our hot water specialists can be found throughout Coffs Harbour and surrounding Northern Rivers regions. They are certified and highly skilled, plus they use the best materials available so your work is guaranteed for life.

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You deserve an installer who works quickly and finishes the job without a mess. That’s why we focus on completing the task at hand with minimal disruption to your home, and we make sure to leave your house as clean as we found it.

We’ll be in and out without a fuss, so you don’t have to worry about disruptions or lengthy delays which can create inconveniences. Plus, your family members will be able to continue with their daily routine without being bothered by piles of dust or muddy footprints left all over the place.

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Not sure which hot water system best suits your needs? Contact us and we will get back to you in under 60 minutes, guaranteed. On top of this, we will provide you with a fixed price quote based on your plumbing needs. Our specialists are available in Coffs Harbour and anywhere else in the Northern Rivers region.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally this is an electrical issue, sometimes it can be plumbing. Fortunately, LiVE Services Group has whatever team you require to assist with just the one phone call.

The typical lifespan of a hot water system varies depending on the type and quality.

Generally, electric storage tank systems tend to last 8-12 years, while gas storage tanks have a lifespan of 10-15 years.

Solar hot water systems can often last up to 20+ years due to their lack of moving parts, however regular servicing is recommended for optimal performance.

In contrast, heat pump systems are relatively new technology and therefore typically only last 7-10 years with regular maintenance.


LiVE Services Groupis a certified Dux service agen. Dux’s alliance gives us the opportunity to receive in-depth training and offer competitive pricing. Our skilled technicians offer unparalleled service by staying current with the most recent product information. Our technicians are licensed in plumbing, gas, and electrical. This allows us to provide an accurate and quick assessment of your water heater. After diagnosing the problem, we can either repair it or offer suggestions on what to do about it. We have a large stock of replacement parts on board, including valves, elements and gas components. This ensures that you get the best service possible.


LiVE Services Group is Rheem’s preferred plumber. Hot water specialists are trained in technical service and kept current with all the latest products. We are licensed to repair and diagnose any electrical, gas, and plumbing faults. LiVE Services Group provides affordable, first-class service for all of your hot water requirements.


Thermann’s hot water systems are becoming more & more popular and are likely to continue to do so in the coming years. They provide latest technology, durability, reliability and new innovative designs that suit your needs best. Thermann offers a range of different hot water systems for Australian customers. The products we offer include Continuous flow 5 star, which doesn’t need a booster to operate, as well as Evacuated tube solar- gas boosted and Evacuated tube solar- electric boosted.


In need of a Envirosun hot water system? Speak with our specialist team for all sales or repairs – call LiVE Services Group on 1800 548 332 now for a great deal!

Envirosun solar hot water systems are of high-quality German make. They’re built to the highest standard and can be easily installed. Envirosun systems claim to be able to achieve some of the highest energy efficiencies in today’s world with up to 90% savings on your energy usage. That means you can have hot water from the solar panels for free!

The hot water system landscape is a complex one, with electric and gas systems each offering unique advantages.

Much like two sides of the same coin, both options present clear pros and cons that must be weighed against an individual’s needs and lifestyle.

To illustrate this point: Electric systems are often more cost-effective for those seeking to reduce their energy costs but require regular maintenance; whereas gas units tend to be pricier upfront yet can provide greater long-term savings depending on usage patterns.

As such, it’s important to consider all aspects before making any decisions about which type of hot water system best suits you.

Yes, but there are additional charges. Give us a call to discuss how far away our closest technician is.

When it comes to energy efficiency, there are several types of hot water systems available for homeowners.

Heat pump systems use electricity to transfer heat from the air outside into a tank that stores hot water; they can be up to three times more efficient than other electric heating systems.

Solar thermal systems harness the sun’s free energy and convert it into usable hot water, making them one of the most cost-effective and efficient options on the market.

Gas-powered systems provide an affordable and reliable alternative when connected to mains gas supply, although they produce greenhouse gases which may not be suitable in certain areas.

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