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5 Ways to Save Money and Energy on Air Conditioning

5 Ways to Save Money and Energy on Air Conditioning

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Summer and power costs are closely related. When the number of scales increases in the thermometer, energy consumption and electricity prices also increase. It is mostly due to the necessity of the air conditioner to fight the sparkling summer heat.

Are you looking for methods to reduce heavy energy costs in summer? You may decrease your air conditioning energy expenditure and save more on your electricity costs with the following methods.

Substitute your old air conditioners.

The majority of air conditioners can last 10-15 years old. If you have air-conditioners over 10 years old, notice that you use a cooling technology over 10 years old. Its years of service also decrease your cooling machine’s energy efficiency, which causes it to require more energy.

The replacement of all air conditioners over 15 years old is strongly advised. Although there are substantial upfront expenses, you may balance them with long-term savings.

As we mentioned before, most air conditioners on the market have greater energy efficiency than a decade ago. If you select an Energy Star-rated air conditioner, you may save between 30% and 50% on cooling expenses.

You can guarantee savings by the year the air conditioner is purchased to the following years. The increased savings may offset your initial expenditure on new air conditioners over the years, and you profit from overall energy costs.

In addition to energy savings, modern machines need less repair and maintenance. This implies that you also have a significantly reduced annual AC maintenance cost when choosing new hardware for your home.

Clean Or Regularly Replace the AC Filters

You know AC filters are frequently dust-filled and need to be cleaned regularly. Please note that dirty air filters are a significant cause of air conditioning failures and increase your energy costs by 7% in summer. Dirty, obstructed air filters slow down circulation and require the cooling system, especially the fan, to make more efforts to maintain the heat.

Change AC filters once a month, especially during the summer, using central air conditioning equipment. Additionally, if you have window AC units, remove and clean the filters regularly.

It’s worth noting that certain air filters are reusable, while others must be replaced. The air filters are also available in several kinds with varying efficiencies. While the filters are cleaned or replaced once a month, you may do it more often if your property has extra pollution or if you constantly use air conditioning.

Use Sunlight Blocking Window Shades

Know you that unauthorized heat input is a significant cause for excessive refrigeration charges? Almost 30% of heat enters homes, mostly via windows, and if you can block additional heat, you can guarantee that savings are reflected in your energy costs.

Shades may be placed on the windows towards the sun. On windows, you may use isolated curtains or cheap coloured films. This may save you up to 7% of your cooling expenses. If you want inexpensive alternatives to block the sun, you may choose low-E films and avoid unpleasant heat.

You may decrease your supply charges by up to 30% with properly positioned trees around your home, particularly on the eastern and west sides.

Schedule Annual Aircon Check-ups

A yearly inspection of your aircon system is essential to ensure it runs effectively all year round. An aircon expert can check, operate, and guarantee that the AC system works properly on your home.

The experts clean the filth from the unit, monitor any problems, fix them, operate the device and, when needed, change the filters. Annual maintenance can substantially decrease aircon repair costs and enable you to save inefficient operations on energy bills. It also allows you to fix small unit problems, which would become important problems that need expensive repairs and replacements.

The yearly inspection also improves the lifetime of your cooling system and improves efficiency.

Use Air Circulation Fans

Move air can keep your home cool, and fans on the ceiling can perform their work. You may adjust your thermostat to greater degrees without any difficulty when utilizing fans.

Note that you may save from 5 to 10% of overall cooling expenses by each degree above 25 degrees Celsius in a thermostatic environment. The airflow due to the ceiling fan enhances the evaporation rate and keeps you cool.

Energy Star-rated ceiling fans are now available on the market. These ventilators provide a minimum energy saving of 10% compared to conventional ceiling fans. You can use these fans and help save your electricity.

Using ceiling fans properly, you may feel cooler till 8 degrees by using the air movement that allows you to feel cool within your home.

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