What Are Solar Inverters & How Do They Work?

Solar energy is one of the most versatile and abundant sources of renewable energy available today. It has been used in a variety of applications, from powering cars to providing electricity for homes and businesses. A key component of any solar power system is the solar inverter. Solar inverters are responsible for taking the direct […]

Can Solar Panels Be Recycled In Australia?

Solar power is becoming increasingly popular in Australia as a clean, renewable energy source. But what happens to solar panels once they reach the end of their service life? Can they be recycled and reused, or do they just add to landfill waste? In this article, we’ll take a look at how solar panel recycling […]

Guide To Solar Panel Rebates in Queensland (2023)

Are you confused about the solar rebates currently available in Queensland? You’re not alone. The ever-changing nature of government policy and the complex language used to describe it can make it difficult for homeowners to understand exactly what they’re eligible for when it comes to solar rebates. That’s why we at LiVE Services Group have […]

How to Select the Best Company to Install Solar Panel in Queensland

Choosing a reputable solar provider comes with a lot of benefits. Solar panels from an authorized manufacturer are more affordable and come with longer warranties, some as long as ten years.  Before selecting the best solar panel installer, it is critical to do preliminary research by: Looking at the reviews on the internet Obtaining recommendations […]

Can Rooftop Solar Panels Cause Fires?

It is very uncommon to catch fire in solar panel installations. However, before putting solar panels on your property, you should thoroughly grasp the risk, the leading causes of solar system fires, how to avoid them, and how to protect your assets. What is the probability of solar panels catch fire? The danger of fire-causing […]