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Get Your AC Summer-Ready With These 6 Simple Steps

Get Your AC Summer-Ready With These 6 Simple Steps

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Summer is near, but is your air conditioner (AC) prepared for it?

What do we mean by prepared? Is there a need to prepare your AC units for summer?

Get Your AC Summer-Ready With These 6 Simple Steps

Of course, there is especially, if you haven’t used it this winter. Otherwise, don’t be too surprised if it’s not working as efficiently as before winter has arrived. So, if you don’t want to disappoint yourself, let the following maintenance procedures be handled by a licensed aircon electrician near you.


6 Simple Steps to Get Your Aircon Unit Summer-Ready

A reliable air conditioning technician knows the do’s and dont’s of an AC unit inspection and maintenance drill. This includes the following:

1. Turn off the circuit breaker

First things first, turn off that circuit breaker connecting your aircon before turning it on. You should also ensure that both the indoor and outdoor unit’s power is turned off too. This also includes the weatherproof box located near the unit. Turn off all of these devices to avoid getting electrically shocked while working on your AC.

2. Inspect the filter

Now that’s everything turned-off you can now start inspecting your AC.

But wait! Don’t dare to check this on your own, especially if you don’t have a license to inspect your aircon filters. You should remember that there is a reason why AC technicians study months just to inspect your units.

So let them handle this job for you.  Often, they will discover that these filters are clogged and full of dust and debris, which can compromise your unit’s airflow. If you don’t do anything with this, these dust and debris may even be pushed back into your home causing respiratory-related diseases.

Are you still looking for a professional AC technician to help you?  Send us a message.

3. Clean the condenser coils

Typically, condenser coils are located outside the house. It looks like a large fan inside a metal box. So most likely, it is covered during the winter season. Your aircon technician will uncover it before the summer season sets in.

Leaves and debris could also have accumulated around it so see to it that you clear away everything. They also inspect the insides of the condenser. If they see that the coils are clogged and full of dirt, they will also clean it so it will continue working properly during the summer season.

4. Remove debris

In order for your AC to run efficiently, both the inside and outside of your air conditioning unit will be cleaned from debris, dust, and dirt.

For the inside unit, you can check if there are furniture or curtains that can block the airflow. Remove any of this to ensure a more efficient flow of cool air from your AC this winter.

As for your outdoor unit, get rid of the leaves and other clutter that may surround it. This ensures cleaning your drainage unit, which may have accumulated water over the winter season. This will not only make your unit work efficiently but it will also free you from unwanted health dangers posed by mosquitoes or insects that may have lived in this wet and damp corner.

5. Inspect coolant lines

Another part of your air conditioning unit that has to be inspected is the refrigerant pipes, particularly its coolant line. They will inspect if it has signs of wearing or tearing. If any of this is found then it will be replaced using a foam insulation tape.

NOTE: If you happen to notice any damage on these part of your AC unit, don’t be tempted to fix it on your own. Rather ask a professional to fix it for you. 

6. Test run

After doing these steps, it is now ready for a test run.

While its running, you shouldn’t hear or see anything unusual from it. If any of these is seen, they will need to go an inspect your AC unit to discover the source of the problem.


As you have seen, the role of your AC technician is not a simple one. It entails years of experience and skills to perfectly perform this routine maintenance and inspection.

Don’t just let anyone do this for you. Call an expert AC technician to help you get your home, your AC, and yourself ready to face the summer heat. We’re always ready to help.

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