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To Repair or To Replace your AC: That is the question!

To Repair or To Replace your AC: That is the question!

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There will come a moment when you should decide whether it is worth it to repair a damaged appliance or it is better off replaced. Because after all, some things just couldn’t stay good as new forever, no matter how much effort you exert in taking care of them. 

One of the toughest situations to be faced with these choices is probably to repair or replace your air conditioning unit. It might not always hold a sentimental value to most of us but considering the investment we put to have an air conditioner at home, being attached to the unit isn’t just a drama.

But then again, it always comes down to a point when we have to decide the fate of our beloved air conditioner. If you are reading this article because you are facing that dilemma, we do hope you find the information below as helpful.

Some factors you may want to consider when deciding over these two options are:

Which will be more costly?

Of course, the obvious consideration is the price for either repair or buying a new one. If the repair will cost you more than buying a new unit, which is hard to tell unless you know the right way to compare, it could be better to replace your AC. 

You may be wondering if there’s an instance when a repair is more expensive than buying a new one, right? 

A new air conditioner install service in Brisbane can be quite expensive after all. If you consider the age of your owned unit times the price for the repair, since it is logical to think that age has something to do with the malfunctioning, you’ll get the proper estimation for the repair. This is how much it would cost the repair as you’ll need to have it repaired more often as it aged. 

How do you make the calculation?

Consider this formula:

(estimated cost of repair) x (number of years since installation)  

The product should be less than the actual price of a new unit. If it is more, then it is a sign you are better off buying a new air conditioning system.

The years it served your home

Like any loyal servant, your humble air conditioner deserves retirement, too! 

If the unit has served your home for 6 years or lower, it is advisable to just have it repaired. Most air conditioning units can last up to 10 years (with minimal repairs from time to time and also, regular cleaning and maintenance). Therefore, if your owned unit is not older than 6 years in your possession, it has a good chance of being able to function for 4 years more. It also suggests that the repair wouldn’t cost you more than the price of a new one when the AC is not that old yet.

Consider the odds

At the end of the day, it will still be a personal matter if you would prefer to have your old air conditioner repaired or have it replaced. Some odds could help you decide, however, this may vary from a situation to another.

When no one in the house has the spare time to maintain the old unit, then it should be better off replaced. 


The older your unit is, the more it will experience malfunctions. For this reason, an old unit that needs to be repaired from time to time requires more attention. 

So if there is no one in the household who can give it frequent attention, then it is better to replace it.

One consideration that trumps all decisions is whether your current air conditioning unit is working efficiently. Anything over 8 years old will not have the same efficiency as a new unit.

Are you planning to get your air conditioning unit replaced? Let us help. Contact us. 

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