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Stop! Don’t Switch that Aircon Yet

Stop! Don’t Switch that Aircon Yet

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Do you know that your aircon needs some preparation before it starts running?

Yes, it does! Because after all, it works with an engine, quite similar to your car. If you haven’t started your car for a long period, you need to check on several things before it’s actual engine run. This is to ensure it will not breakdown while you are on the road.

So what do you do before switching your air conditioning unit? Do the following checks first.

Stop Don’t Switch that Aircon Yet

Getting familiar with AC terms

Before you start checking on that AC unit of yours, it is best to get yourself familiar with the following terms. In this way, when your aircon technician starts explaining what he needs to do to service your unit, you will not be left in the dark.


A compressor is a device that is responsible for compressing the vapour that passes in the refrigerant. Then it becomes fluid before being released outside.


The condenser is the outside unit of air conditioner that releases or collects heat outside. It condenses vapour.


The evaporator is the device that vaporises the liquid and turns it into gas.


A filter is responsible for blocking impurities and small solid particles from the liquid or gas that passes through it.

How to get your airconditioning unit summer ready

Now that you know the terms related to aircon, below are the steps that your aircon technician will more or less check and service:

#1. The thermostat

One of the first things an airconditioning technician will check is your AC’s thermostat. They will see if it is already outdated and has to be replaced. Follow their recommendation as a new programmable thermostat will most definitely save you more money and lessen your energy consumption this summer.

#2. The ductworks

They will then inspect your unit’s ductworks and spot if there are any cuts or opening. This has to be immediately repaired because this will only result in cooling loss and inefficiency.

#3. The air vents

They will also check your air vents. They will recommend that no curtains, toys, cabinets, furniture, and drapes will block your airconditioning unit’s airflow.

#4. The drain line

Now comes your drain line. Is it blocked or clogged?

Don’t attempt to do this on your own and start flushing chemicals to unclog it. Let the professionals do it for you to ensure it will not result in additional problems.


#5. The air filter

As we have mentioned above, filters are responsible for blocking and trapping solid particles and impurities with the air that is sucked by the AC. With enough time of use, these solid particles and impurities can build-up it the filter. Thus a change with your air filter may be necessary, especially before the start of the new season.

#6. The electrical circuit

You don’t want to become victim to a fire this summer, right?

Thus it is important for them to check your electrical circuits. They will ensure no cuts, open or damaged wires remains unfixed.



Hire the services of a professional aircon technician to check on your air conditioning unit.  Fixing these damages before the arrival of summer will save you a lot of troubles. Call us or send us a message so we can keep your AC in its top shape condition.

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