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6 school lighting lessons from our electricians

6 school lighting lessons from our electricians

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It is the responsibility of every institution to maintain a healthy and safe environment.

This goal can easily be achieved only when there is the availability of high-quality lighting in the schools.

It is no secret that very few people know about the importance of school lighting.

We all know that air conditioning and modern electrical equipment are always present in schools, but very few institutions consider the importance of a lighting system for the better performance of students.

Modern research has revealed that better lighting systems in the school improve the students’ performance and keep them active. Due to this, our electricians highly recommend the installation of proper lighting systems in the schools so that the kids will be able to learn faster.

Now let’s have a look at the benefits of an improved lighting system in schools in detail in the form of lessons.

Lesson 1: Lighting improves the performance of the students

As we know that we do need various blue screen filters that considerably reduce the strain on your eyes. So, if we apply the same effect on school lighting, we come to know that students face strain on their eyes when there is no proper lighting. It means having too harsh or too dim lights in the classroom can negatively impact the students’ performance.

Here are some valuable tips.

Dim lights put a lot of strain on the students, and it can result in lazy behaviour.

Too harsh lights can result in migraines and severe headaches.

It will not only negatively impact the students but also the whole arrangement of teachers is also disturbed.

Lesson 2: Do not underestimate the importance of natural lighting

The benefits of natural lighting are not hidden from anyone. It is due to this reason that the best light for the students is natural light.

Our electricians significantly recommended light because it positively impacts the human mind and improves the overall mood.

Let’s summarise some of the benefits of natural light.

  • Provides the students with a good quantity of Vitamin D.
  • Solves sleep problems.
  • Has a considerably positive impact on the mood.

As you have gone through the wonderful benefits of natural light, you should ensure the maximum provision of this light in the school. 

However, it is also a fact that not every institution has access to natural light.

For this reason, our electricians highly recommend the installation of the lighting system to compensate.

Lesson 3: Good lighting is always comfortable

Not every student has a similar visual ability. It is a core responsibility of the institution to provide the students with good lighting instead of flickering lights.

Various temporary and permanent eye health issues result in visual problems such as lazy eyes, farsightedness, nearsightedness, lack of visual focus and slow eye tracking. 

It is also a fact that these visual problems intensify when there is no availability of appropriate lighting.

So it is important to ensure the appropriate availability of light in schools.

Lesson 4: A lesson in colour temperature

Have you ever heard of this idea before? When it is all about the scientific fact that light has brightness and colour as well.

For example, people who spend most of their time in front of the computer screen face sleep issues because blue light affects their sleeping ability.

Moreover, if the lighting is excellent and prominent, the students will enjoy and concentrate on various projects. On the other hand, warm lighting gives rise to hyperactivity.

Lesson 5: Appropriate lighting is suitable for safety and security

When it comes to the safety of the students, it is far more important than imparting education. First of all, it is the institution’s responsibility to ensure that there is enough natural light. For this purpose, they should ensure there are enough windows.

However, there should be appropriate lighting arrangements for emergencies.

It is due to this; we recommend taking electrical services of our expert electricians to get emergency lighting.

Lesson 6: Choose energy efficiency

Although the primary purpose of schools is to educate the students, we can also not deny the importance of energy-efficient ways of improving the overall lighting system in the classroom.

It is particularly important when there are night classes and after school activities where students need energy-efficient LED lights and fixtures to focus on their studies.

If you are looking for an energy-efficient lighting setup, you should reach out to the electricians that specialise in installing LED lights and fixtures that will help you save 50% less power.

In this way, you can reduce maintenance costs and do not have to worry about extra use of energy.

Are you looking to upgrade the school lighting?

This article was all about the significance of proper lighting in the school.

Of course, this is something that requires special attention from the authorities.

At Live Services Group, we believe in providing detailed lighting services, especially the installation of the LED lighting system in the schools.

We have a team of experienced and expert electricians specialising in creating a comprehensive and customised electrical setup. The electricians can provide detailed socket and plug installation and wiring services for the portable classrooms.

If you’re facing a problem with the school’s lighting, at the appropriate time to proceed with the operation of the electrical wiring and installation of the LED lights in your school. This way, you can enjoy the enhanced performance of the students and can ultimately enjoy the satisfaction of the parents.

We have expert, certified and licensed electricians who are always here to help you at Live Services Group.

If you need urgent help to proceed with the appropriate lighting arrangement for your school, we can help.

Call us on 1800 548 332 or lodge a job online and you can also Email us!

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