Why Is My Light Bulb Flickering?

Flickering light bulbs can be a minor annoyance or an unexpected danger. As a senior electrical manager, it is my responsibility to ensure that flickering light bulbs are not only addressed promptly but also understood as a potential hazard. In this article, the causes of flickering light bulbs and how they should be dealt with […]

What Is The Electrical Wire Colour Code? (An Australian Electrical Guide)

Understanding the electrical wiring colours in Australia is an essential part of ensuring safe and compliant installation. Electrical cabling plays a major role in connecting households, workplaces and other public buildings to their power supply. It is important to ensure that all components are properly identified and connected according to Australian standards. This article will […]

Electrical Certificates Of Compliance Queensland (Complete Guide)

Electrical Certificates of Compliance (ECC) are an important legal requirement for all electrical works in Queensland. They provide assurance that any such work has been completed to a safe standard and complies with the relevant regulations outlined by the Electrical Safety Office (ESO). This guide will provide comprehensive information on ECCs, including what they are, […]

What Makes LED Flood Lights Perfect For Your Backyard?

Are you searching for a way to light up your yard in the most efficient and cost-effective manner? Look no further than LED flood lights! As an expert in lighting technology, I can tell you that LED flood lights are hands down one of the best ways to illuminate your outdoor space. From energy efficiency […]

A Complete Guide To Your Electricity Meter

Welcome to the complete guide to your electricity meter. As an energy analyst, I’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you understand how these devices work and why they are so important. With power costs on the rise, it’s more relevant than ever for Australians to monitor their electricity usage and find ways to […]

What are the electrical regulations in Queensland?

As an experienced senior electrician here at LiVE Services Group, I’ve worked throughout Queensland and have seen first-hand the importance of following electrical regulations. It’s essential for safety, but it can also be a challenge to stay informed about all the rules that apply in different areas. That’s why I’m writing this article – to […]

How To Wire A Light Switch In Australia

Wiring a light switch in Australia can be quite an undertaking. It requires knowledge of the electrical wiring code and safety protocols to make sure your house is properly wired for electricity. If you’re just starting out with DIY home repairs, it’s important to remember that even small jobs require attention to detail and precision. […]

What is testing & tagging?

According to OH&S procedures, testing and tagging are significant and essential parts of a business. It is a procedure carried out by industries and companies to ensure that the risk of electric shocks in equipment and appliances is reduced.  Electrical testing and visual inspection are two phases of the testing and tagging procedure. The law: […]

An emergency electrician explains common winter electrical hazards

Winters are no longer attractive if you’ve to go out for work. All you need in winter is to put on the kettle and enjoy sipping your tea and popping on DVD. Of course, that’s nice, but you’re taking a break from work doesn’t mean your electric system is on leave too! It is essential […]

4 essential security lighting tips for commercial premises

Running a business is like taking care of a child.  You spend sleepless nights.  You nurture it with innovations as it grows.  You keep yourself dirty to clean up the mess, and the list goes on.  And just like your child, keeping your business protected is your top priority.  You can practice several things to […]