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LSG commercial electrician discusses the 4 most common electrical problems

LSG commercial electrician discusses the 4 most common electrical problems

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Live services group is the leading electrician services providing company. Our electricians have experience working in all sorts of business from restaurants, offices to factories, you name it, and we have covered them all.

Our electricians dealt with almost all possible electric problems, but here in the article, we will list the 4 most common issues we have seen quite repeatedly.

If you face any of the below electrical problems, you should immediately call an emergency electrician and get that fixed; otherwise, it could be a potential risk to your staff and clients.

Call an emergency electrician for Usual suspects. 

There might be a difference in electricity consumption in residential and commercial buildings, but the basic problems are always the same. 

Many electric problems start with common issues, which then leads to much bigger electric problems. These common issues can be

  • Exposed wires
  • Overcrowded or damaged wiring
  • Old fashioned wiring
  • Faulty outlets 

Though the intensity of these issues might be higher in the commercial building than the residential one, you should immediately call the emergency commercial electrician to avoid any damage. 

Redundant wiring?

Many commercial buildings are occupied by some other business at some point, and they install the electric wiring including extra wiring or circuit, according to their own energy requirements.

And if you occupied the same building, you should be conscious of these redundant wirings. Usually, these wirings don’t pose any risk, but they can cause problems if they are not capped or appropriately terminated.

These redundant wires receive electricity and, if not removed or capped, can cause an electric shock to whosoever comes in contact with these wires. That’s why these are extremely dangerous.

In case you notice any such wiring, you should take the services of a commercial electrician, he will inspect your building and terminate these wires.

Tripping of Circuit breakers?

Circuit breakers play an important role in protecting the property from damage or electric fire. Whenever it notices any electricity overload, it trips and shuts off the electricity. 

If your circuit breaker or switch keeps on tripping frequently, you should upgrade your switchboard or install a new circuit. It occurs due to the use of lots of energy and already installed switchboards don’t have the capacity to withstand that electric load. To keep the smooth operation of electricity, you should get that switchboard upgraded.

If your circuit breakers are tripping, immediately call the commercial electrician to evaluate and solve the problem.

Not enough circuits to power your business

Sometimes the already installed circuits in a building are not enough to power your business. 

Your business needs more power, and the circuit up-gradation trick would not work if your business operated on energy-intensive equipment. You will need a completely new circuit installed.

If you don’t do this, then it will increase the risks of overloaded circuits, electric fires, and short circuits. So it is always important to install dedicated circuits according to your power consumption.

If you need to install new circuits or even a socket, don’t ever try to do any electric task DIY, it can cause serious risks. Always take the services of s professional commercial electrician. 

Are you experiencing any problems with your business wiring?

If you are experiencing any electric problems, get in touch with a commercial electrician in Queensland.

The above-mentioned common problems might not be causing any serious trouble, but they are the potential carrier of many electrical issues, including electric fires.

So you should be careful about these problems and get them fixed on time by contacting the commercial electrician.

Live Services group electricians worked with many businesses of all sizes and kinds and resolved many electric issues. You should take the services of a commercial electrician for any problem before it turns into a serious problem and causes damage to your business.

Apart from providing commercial electrician services, the Live Services Group has a team of professional electricians and also provides emergency electrician services all over Queensland.

The good thing is that emergency electricians are available 24/7, whether it is a working day or holiday.

Call Live Services Group anytime on 1800 917 015 or fill in the form to lodge a job with us today!

For further queries, email us at 

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