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An emergency electrician explains common winter electrical hazards

An emergency electrician explains common winter electrical hazards

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Winters are no longer attractive if you’ve to go out for work. All you need in winter is to put on the kettle and enjoy sipping your tea and popping on DVD.

Of course, that’s nice, but you’re taking a break from work doesn’t mean your electric system is on leave too!

It is essential to consider the hazards associated with winter other than increasing the bill.

As with experience, it is noted that typical Queensland houses consume more electricity in winter than in other seasons. So, with the increase of power use, there is an increased risk of electric hazards such as electric shocks.

Before planning your winter activities, it is best to review your electric safety plan by getting your home inspected. To go over this, you need to know about potential electrical problems in winter.

Problem 1: Cold Weather Damage

Preventive measures are always better than mitigation. So, safety should be our topmost priority.

Cold weather, especially the snow and ice buildup, can interrupt electricity, leading to severe electrical damage.

Luckily, the few parts of Queensland ever drop that low.

However, if you live in an area where you face too much snow, protecting your electric system from cold is necessary.

It is crucial if the wiring around your house is uninsulated or has poor insulation. The electric equipment in your garage or shed is particularly more exposed to damage.

Furthermore, extremely cold weather can cause electric wiring to become brittle – less flexible. Or cold for an extended period can damage electrical wiring and types of equipment.

Fortunately, a Live Services Group electrician can help you fix electricity problems at your home and help you protect against these.

Talk to your local electrician to inspect your exposed wiring. Your electrician will check the health of your wiring and install insulation. According to the situation, wires may also be swapped for cold-resistant fittings.

Problem 2: Damaged Wires

Cold weather does not come with only damaging electric wirings. It does something more. Months of inactivity cause your electric equipment to wear out. And this may put you and your family face colossal damage.

Another risk that winters bring, and you forget to consider it. Ugh, Rats.

Homes become the only shelter for rats in freezing weather. It is not a pleasant experience to live with rats. Rats also cause severe damage to your possessions, especially the one which was placed in storerooms.

Rats will chew everything, and that includes your wires also. This can lead to serious electric hazards such as electric and structural damage. So, make sure to protect your home from rodents. Some tips to protect your electrical equipment include:

  • Firstly, seal up the entrances
  • Install protective layers for electric equipment, especially wires
  • Lastly, replace the electric cables with strong ones

And if you notice any chewed wire, immediately call an electrician to get them repaired or replace the wire immediately to save yourself from possible risks.

Problem 3: Don’t Push your System Too Far

If your house is old and you haven’t renovated it, here’s a piece of advice that can save you: lessen your power usage.

This brings down your utilities and saves you from potential electric hazards at your place.

Let’s learn it this way.

Many old homes were built with the requirements of that time – carpeted bathrooms, can you imagine this? There is a glimpse of ancient architectures in the electric system.

When winters are around the corner, most of us stay indoors. This means no outing. Instead, our devices come out.

Simply put, the past architects didn’t know we would be using so much power, that is: 

  • big screens
  • Different devices and chargers
  • Computers
  • Bright light

Old homes don’t have a circuit that can bear this much electricity load which can dim the lights or cut out the power. In worst cases, it may lead to potential electricity damage.

This puts you at massive risk of electricity problems.

Problem 4: Electrical Fires

An overloaded electrical system can result in a fire. And that’s what the scariest thing is. According to CFA, electrical fires account for a quarter of all fires that occur in houses. Since the use of power increases in winter, such as a heating blanket, ovens, and dryers, make sure these items are plugged out when not in use so the circuit does not overload.

If you’ve experienced a switch warming, take it as a sign that your electric system is no longer working correctly and efficiently.

The efforts to minimize the electrical risk start with ensuring the proper working of the system.

That means consulting a local sparky to check your electric system and ensure it has the capacity you need.

It also means taking old wires into account.

As discussed above, it’s one of the reasons to cause a home fire. Once the rubber coating on the wire has deteriorated and the wire is exposed, it increases the chance of a spark that leads to an electric fire.

New electric appliances can be a potential source of this problem as they’re added circuits that cause overconsumption. Therefore, consider separate courses to avoid circuit overload problems at home.

In need of an emergency electrician in Queensland this winter?

 Protect yourself, your family, and your home from electric fire this winter. And the process starts by calling a licensed electrician, simple!

Live Services Group takes your safety seriously. We are ready to have a deep

inspection of your house’s electric system and provide preventive electric work. And if something has happened at your place, help is nearby – our emergency electrician services are available throughout the winter.

We provide electric services domestically, commercially, and at industrial levels across Queensland.

With the experience of more than a decade, Live Services Group offers trustworthy and reliable services for your homes and businesses.

For fast electrician services in Queensland, this winter, stay in touch with our team. Further, save our number – 1800 548 332 – so you can contact us as soon as possible in an emergency.

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