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4 essential security lighting tips for commercial premises

4 essential security lighting tips for commercial premises

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Running a business is like taking care of a child.  You spend sleepless nights.  You nurture it with innovations as it grows.  You keep yourself dirty to clean up the mess, and the list goes on. 

And just like your child, keeping your business protected is your top priority. 

You can practice several things to keep your business safe and secure. There are chances that most of these things are already installed:

  • Installation of CCTV cameras 
  • Alarm system
  • Secure lock and key system

However, there is another thing that business owners mostly overlook, the power of lighting!

How does security lighting keep your business secure? 

Believe me or not, lighting is one of the easiest ways and effective practices to keep away the lazybones.

The reason is pretty simple. Burglars don’t like to be seen or caught.  So, anything that increases the chance of their presence is a potential hindrance. 

That’s why dogs, CCTV cameras, and lighting are the most potent deterrents against malicious actors. 

Light means presence. 

It means there is much risk of being recognised and caught. 

When combined with other security systems and light could be an effective tool to prevent criminals from targeting your business. 

Lighting not only scares away the lazybones.  It is also a practical and safe choice if you stay at your business place late at night or come earlier. 

Security Lighting Consideration

Security Lighting is not a catch-all solution.

Installing security lights is an effective tool.  However, it is not something you must entirely rely on. 

A quiet location in a corner could delimit the effectiveness of your security system.  Another potential concern associated with security lights is that they are only operations at night.  For businesses that open late at night could get benefit from it. 

To keep your business safe and secure, adding lighting as part of your security system is crucial. 

Lighting can help to mitigate the flaws in other parts of the security system. In return, other devices help overcome its shortcomings.

Use security lighting to enhance the other part of your security system

Security lighting can be adequate to improve the efficiency of the security system. 

For instance, many old CCTV has low light recording. 

Security lighting can help in this regard by improving the brightness.  This way, it increases the camera’s ability to identify the faces and other details at night.

Security lighting also works well with tough locks

A tough lock takes much time to crack, thus making it a risky task for criminals.  When they try to unlock the doors, security shining on them may help you identify them and call the police on time. 

Be Strategic

It is advisable to light up your business from all sides at night.  However, it is not economically feasible. 

In such cases, try to install security lighting in areas which at more likely to be exposed to criminal attacks.  Choose spots that can be the possible entryway, such as windows and emergency doors. 

Another thing to consider is whether your business benefits from installing security lights or not. 

Imagine this, and your business is far away from the road.  Is it reasonable to have security lighting if there is no one to spot the burglars she criminals made their way in?

In our opinion, areas that passer-by can’t see should not be added to the list.

Think about your energy consumption

It is good to take care of your business by installing security lighting but think twice if it benefits you or not.

It is important to think how much security lighting would charge you to install and run them daily in the rising power bills. 

One way to incorporate lighting in your security system is by installing motion-activated lighting.  These lights lit up only when someone passed by. 

This will save the power cost of light, which would otherwise consume electricity the entire night.  It also increases the load on the electric circuit.  And possibly it is enough to keep your business safe all night.

Another way to think about it is by considering the type of bulb you’re using. 

Are you worried about your electric consumption?  Talk to the Live Services group in Queensland for a system that fits best between lighting and expense.

Planning Security lighting Installation?  Call a commercial electrician in Queensland.

When it comes to your business safety, every step counts. 

Although neither as sophisticated as CCTV nor immediately tangible as front lock, security lighting could be an effective alternative to keep your business safe. 

Keeping your business safe is your prime need, and it requires someone who can similarly treat your business. 

Call a commercial electrician in Queensland for your business

In addition to installing security lighting, the team at Live Service group has established a complete security system for businesses and residents all over Queensland. 

  • CCTV alarm systems
  • Intercoms and panic buttons
  • Motion and sound sensor
  • System repairs and upgrade

Give a call to our team of commercial electricians on 1800 548 332 or book a job with us online!

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