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Home security tips for your CCTV installation

Home security tips for your CCTV installation

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Home security tips for your CCTV installation.

It is often said that home is your castle!

Is it so? Yes!

However, until and unless you make conscious efforts to make it a castle for you and your family, how can you claim your home to be a castle – the symbol of protection and care!

Home security should be at the top of your loss because it is something you cannot ignore or overlook for even a second.

You, your parents, wife, and children, along with everything else, lives in that home. Everyone wants to have a secure averment to grow and live without any outside disturbance. That’s the environment home promises to provide, but you must make some conscious effort for that purpose.

There are many ways, methods, and techniques through which you can increase the security of your house.

CCTV installation is one of them!

What does it mean and takes?

We are glad that you asked it – it does not require much. You need to make up your mind and talk to an electrician, and he will explain everything to you.

CCTV placement and positioning

The placement and positioning of cameras are vital in the whole process because, in order to protect your home, CCTV cameras need to see. Seeing means they need to capture the potages of people and around the house. Without a clear image, CCTV cameras will not perform the function they are supposed to do.

When installing CCTV cameras, you need to make sure that it covers all house entry points. Along with entry points, the coverage of the gateway and lawn is also essential.

Just like your camera see people, people also see cameras. The position of cameras makes them visible to people, and people will stay away because they know there are CCTV cameras in the house.

Following are some key spots for CCTV cameras installation.

Front door

You have seen many videos of snatching and stealing from the front door.

We are talking about porch pirates!

It is a common phenomenon in many parts of the country. People see your newly delivered package, and they steal it from your front door, right under your nose.

Now imagine that you have a CCTV camera installed in front of your door, but it is not visible; the porch pirate will still steal the package because he does not know about the camera. We have seen this in many videos where people steal because they do not know about the camera.

On the other hand, if the CCTV camera is visible enough, it can make these porch pirates run away. It has been seen in many videos that people were about to steal something, but seeing the CCTV camera, they changed their path.

That is why installing a CCTV camera at the front door is vital because it makes people aware that you have a robust security system and if they did anything wrong, police would catch them in no time!

Back and side entryways


Thieves do not come from the front door naturally. When you talk about thieves, it is back and sideways you need to focus on.

It is a natural tendency to ensure the security of back and side entryways to protect your house.

You need to hire an expert electrician from Live Services Group. We will find suitable and elevated places to install CCTV cameras for you so that everyone can spot them easily.


Now comes the backyard of your house!

Is it safe not to install any camera there?

Not at all. It is one of the most vulnerable parts of the house. Most thieves come this way into your home. Most people ignore their backyards. Thieves enter the backyard and hide in the garden until you fall asleep. Then they enter your house.

A CCTV camera in the backyard not only help in security, but it can also help in other ways.

For example, if you have a pet who masters the art of escaping. You can use your CCTV camera to spot the movement of your dear pet.

Interior common areas

Some of you may think that CCTV cameras are only suitable for outdoor use!

However, if you ask us, then they are not only for outdoor use. Indeed, people frequently use these cameras for outdoor security, but they have multiple indoor security applications.

Actually, when it comes to indoors, it is for safety, not for security.

If you are out, you can keep an eye on the vulnerable members of your family and make sure they are all secure and safe!

Dos and don’ts of CCTV placement


Secure outdoor CCTV cameras

If you plan to install a CCTV camera outdoor, make sure that it is good quality and free from any problems.

Before buying a camera, make sure that it is waterproof and works in all weather conditions. Some cameras stop working in the cold. If it is the case, these cameras will be useless in winter.

Before the date of installation, inspect different parts of your home and find suitable places to install cameras.

Overhangs and eaves of the roof are the best places for CCTV camera installation.

Install cameras above the ground

What is the most suitable position to install a CCTV camera?

It is the most asked question when it comes to CCTV cameras. According to our expert, it is best to install a camera at an elevated point.

The more the camera is visible, the more it will serve its purpose. Furthermore, at elevated points, the camera can cover wider areas and detect movement easily.

Another benefit of an elevated point is that tempering is impossible or very difficult compared to low heights. A camera installed on the first floor is difficult to access by the thief to temper.

Simply, both actions draw more attention and make it difficult to interfere with the security system.


Put the CCTVs directly in front of the sun

Exposing CCTV cameras directly to sunlight can bring harm.

When deciding the place to install cameras, make sure that the camera is not exposed directly to the sun by checking the angle and movement of the sun.

Particularly, think about any reflection or glare. It can reduce the camera’s visibility. So, make sure that your camera is out of the reach of any such element.

You need to consider:

  • Orientation of camera
  • Angle
  • Reflection
  • Flooring

Clean and maintain your CCTV cameras

You have seen the situations in which cameras cannot provide any evidence or videos after the robbery or any other crime. It is because those cameras have malfunctioned, and nobody paid heed to their repair and maintenance.

Make sure that the screen of the CCTV camera is crystal clear. It will help to capture better videos. If you feel that videos are not of good quality and the camera’s feed is a little dusty that it’s time for maintenance of the camera.

Choose an electrician that specializes in CCTV installation

It all starts with an electrician!

If you are unaware of the process and cost of the installation process and accessories required for CCTV installation, you need not worry. We have world-class electricians who can help you out and answer your queries. We will take care of your home’s security for you.

Our electricians keep you safe

Protect your home with Live Services Group!

When it comes to CCTV installation, Live Services Group is the best choice. We, along with our team of experts, will guide you throughout the whole process.

It is not only about the camera. We are the most experienced CCTV installers in South East Queensland. You cannot find anyone better than us in the entire region. We have expertise in:

  • Motions detectors
  • Security alarm for the house
  • Complete security systems
  • Intercoms
  • Emergency exit lights

Stay home, stay safe – contact Live Services Group today on 1800 548 332 or book a job online.

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