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Maintenance Tips for Your Air Conditioning System

Maintenance Tips for Your Air Conditioning System

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The proper operation of air conditioning systems depends on how effectively their owners maintain them. When summer comes in Australia, you may have a problem or defective component air conditioning equipment.

Why do You Need Regular AC Maintenance from Expert?

Frequent air conditioning maintenance may provide you with numerous advantages. Although most air conditioners last 10-15 years, regular maintenance can guarantee that it works well throughout its life. It also lowers the total repair costs since you can detect problems with your equipment before they arise.

Proper air conditioning repair also helps you guarantee energy efficiency and minimize energy charges. Note that your AC devices may use blocked air filters and filthy condenser buckets to use more energy to provide the required cooling effects. 

This implies that the air conditioner is more expensive for energy bills and leaves a greater carbon impact.

Well-maintained air-conditioning systems also guarantee improved air quality within your home. You may discover dust in it if you unscrew the front panel of your AC filter. 

While cleaned air conditioners or new air conditioning units are less dusty, uncleaned ones are dusty enough.

The accumulated pollution may minimize air purification and make it pass past the filters. Proper filter cleaning and air conditioning maintenance are also a method to maintain your health.

Here are a few suggestions on preserving air conditioners that may help you meet your utility objectives, provide air quality and minimize maintenance costs.

Change Or Clean The Filter 

The frequent change of the AC filter is essential for the effective operation of your AC. As previously stated, air conditioner filters accumulate dust, hair and tiny dirt, which decrease the overall performance of the devices.

You may clean and change the air filters once a month every two weeks to maintain optimum operation. Note that it is simple to clean a filter and remove the dust with clear water.

If your area is too dusty or furious, filters may be replaced every 20 days or twice a month.

The replacement of air filters is strongly advised, particularly in the summer and winter months.

You may update the filters in the off-season once every three months. There is no set period for changing the filter, which relies on the quantity of dirt in your surroundings, the use rate of your AC unit and your air filters’ lowest efficiency reporting value (MERV).

The greater the MERV rating of an air filter, the better the filter capacity and the potential to provide lasting effects.

Regularly Check the Thermostat

You should also regularly check your thermostat and verify that it works well and provides the optimum cooling effects. Have you had an old mechanical thermostat?

Then consider updating it to a programmable thermostat. These devices have intelligent characteristics to guarantee effective indoor cooling. These gadgets enable you to adjust the temperature according to the routine compared to mechanical thermostats.

You may set your air conditioner at a minimum temperature while you are gone or switch it off and chill your house 30 minutes before returning home. You don’t want to switch the thermostat off or change it daily as it is adjusted to the planned temperatures.

You may link them to your phone via modern thermostats and allow you to manage your property’s heating and cool more effectively. The development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and intelligent speakers enable you to use your smartphone to access thermostats from your workplace and adjust the temperature at home.

Try not to fix it in areas that get heat from different sources, such as sunshine or stove during installation of the thermostat. The thermostat may increase the room’s temperature and compel you to set the thermostat at lower levels.

Review the Components And Cables

It would be best if you switched off the electricity to the unit while working on your air conditioning equipment. Please turn off the main switch and turn it off from the outside system. Then remove the access panel and look for any burnt wires, overheating, melting isolation or other problems within the device.

Later on, you may verify and ensure that all electrical components are tight. You may seek the help of an aircon expert if you are not confident to look at the air conditioner since they can inspect your device and perform the required repairs.

Clean the AC Unit Exterior

The AC Unit may include dirt, grass clippings, leaves and other kinds of material. Due to the reduced or obstructed airflow, the air conditioning equipment is less efficient. Dirt and other debris may be removed by gently cleaning the device with a garden tube.

Note that it is not good to clean the AC unit with a power washer since it may potentially harm the components, including bending the sensitive spinning fins or spines. Keep the AC unit surrounds clean and clear of debris. Furthermore, cut bushes surrounding the unit to guarantee the unobstructed airflow between the Ac system and the surroundings.

Make sure your air conditioner has adequate room to enable a hassle-free air exchange. 

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