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8 things your electrician wants you to know

8 things your electrician wants you to know

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When anything happens to your electrical supply, you definitely call a local electrician in South East Queensland.

For any installation and repair process, safety will be the number one priority of any electrician.

Of course, you do not need us to tell you how dangerous electricity can be if mishandled. However, there are plenty of technicalities with electricity and electrical repairing that you may not know.

That is what we want you to know, and we are dedicating today’s article from our electricians for awareness purposes.

Our electricians want you to know these 8 things

#1: Electrical warning signs matter!

Electrical warning signs do not come up randomly. There are specific reasons behind these happenings. Just think of a cause and track it down; you will see that any spark has its cause. In the same way, you will see that the signs were already there.

And you should never overlook these signs!

Here, we are not just talking about the blinking warning lights – but also other warning signs that result from malfunctioning in your electrical system, i.e., abnormal sparks and sounds:

  • Popping sounds
  • Hot outlets
  • Hotwires
  • Blinking lights
  • Sudden blackouts
  • And more bills

Each of the signs above is not just annoying, but it indicates a potential threat that can cause an electric fire or another major mishap.

You should take these electrical warnings seriously. The moment these warnings are detected, you may contact the local expert electrician and try to get them fixed as soon as possible.

#2: Cheap power items cause more harm

The truth is that cheap power items bring more harm than the amount of money saved.

You may save a couple of dollars, but the risk of faults and other problems is too high even to consider this option.

Sockets, wires, electrical boards, and breakers dealt with high voltages and needed to be perfectly manufactured to be safe.

We do not recommend that you go for the most expensive item in the market, but we are saying that money should not be the only standard.

Can you trust cheap sockets, extensions, and wires to be a safer option? Trust us – You do not want to put a dollar value on the safety of your family and property.

#3: Never cut electrical wires yourself

You have seen many DIY videos in which narrators are telling you to cut electrical wires yourself. Is it a good thing to do? Ask us, and we will never recommend anything like that!

Your life is the most important thing, and you would not risk it at all!

The main problem with any such DIY is that you may not be able to execute the process and cut the wires too short as many DIY-ers do. It leads to an unsecured connection. It will put your security at risk.

Rather than doing any DIY task, you should call an experienced electrician in South East Queensland on 1800 548 332 to do the work. It is the best choice to consider.

#4: Use only properly made protective gear

Many DIYers use ordinary gloves to carry on complex electrical conditions. Mostly, they use rubber gloves for their safety, and it is not good at all.

We admit that it is better than nothing when it comes to insulating the wearer. These gloves can protect against the heat and electrical current to a specific limit. But they can not stand high heat and high voltage.

For example, your rubber glove for dishwashing are thin. They have low-quality rubber to reduce the cost of manufacturing. So, they are not good against electric protection.

That is why it is recommended to use proper electrical insulation gloves and other protective gears with good quality protective insulation.

#5: Dry your hands before touching any electrical equipment or appliances

Never even try to combine water and electricity. You all know that it is extremely dangerous!

Impure water is a conductor of electricity. Suppose the circuit of wires gets wet, the flow of electric current increases to an extreme level. Water can cause the spread of electric current as well. It may also lead to short-circuits and electric shocks.

It can also lead to electric fire!

Even wet hands are a sign of danger!

#6: Avoid DIY electrical work

If you value your life, you need not go for any DIY electrical work because it is hazardous.

It is not only dangerous for you but also it can bring harm to other family members because you are not the only one living in your house.

There is specific minor electrical work you can do yourself, like changing an electric bulb. But when it comes to major repairs, you need an expert to make things safer for you.

We know how eager you are to go for DIY electrical work, especially when the new year rolls around.

But unless and until you are not a licensed electrician, our expert electricians vote against any DIY work.

Electrical work is not only complicated, but it needs to be according to Australian building codes. And for this reason, you need to hire an expert.

#7: LED lighting is here to stay

Good lighting is always mood lifting.

Whether you are renovating your house or building a new one, you need someone to made it according to your mood and taste.

And for that, you need to start with good LED light bulbs.

LEDs are taking the world by storm because they are cheaper and provide better light than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

  • Brighter light than classical bulbs
  • Emits cooler light and emits less heats
  • Increased life, lasting years more than incandescent
  • Saves up to 90% of energy

However, unfortunately, people still choose sub-optimal lighting options because they are not aware of points, as mentioned earlier.

Learn more about LED lights and how these lights are better than others.

#8: Save the number of a 24-hour emergency electrician!

In case of any emergency related to installation, repair or any other malfunctioning, it is best to save the number of expert electricians 1800 548 332 in the South East Queensland. The electrician can better assist you in case of any problem.

It is true that electrical problems can emerge at any time. And it would be best if you were prepared for it.

That is why it is recommended to have someone on your contact list who can help you out in case of an emergency.

We are here to help with all of your electrical faults and emergencies

You need to know many things about electricity, but the most important is knowing that electricity is complex. You can even lose your insurance over improper handling of electricity and electrical equipment.

Our electricians are available 24/7 to address an electrical emergency. We can help you will all your electrical fittings, repairing and installations.

Our team is experts who have vast experience and background knowledge of electricity and electrical equipment!

All of our electricians are:

  • Qualified
  • Licensed
  • Registered
  • expert

Our domestic electricians are available for your service. You can lodge a job by contacting us on our website or reach us on our 24/7 available number 1800 548 332.

We will be much happy to assist you!

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