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Commercial electrician vs Domestic electrician: What’s the difference?

Commercial electrician vs Domestic electrician: What’s the difference?

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Whether you are starting a business or renovating the existing one, you will need the help of a commercial electrician. You should not hire an inexperienced or domestic electrician for electrical work on a commercial property.

Many people even do not understand the difference between residential and commercial electricians because they think that electricity is all the same, but it is not true. Commercial and residential buildings are quite different, and both types of facilities have unique electrical needs.

Today in this article, we will guide you on why you prefer a commercial electrician to carry out complex commercial electrical tasks.

Commercial electricians have specialised knowledge in commercial properties

If you have ever observed the structure of commercial buildings, you must have noticed that they are pretty different from residential ones.

Similarly, their wiring is also different.

In simple words, we can say that residential buildings are designed to accommodate only a few people. However, the primary purpose of a commercial building is to fulfil the needs of many people, including customers, employees, and other visitors, including business-related people.

You can easily understand that the commercial building requires very complex wiring for the proper provision of electricity.

Only a commercial electrician can carry out the complex electrical tasks required to set up the electricity in the commercial building.

Remember that an expert commercial electrician can handle all kinds of specialised commercial properties or businesses, including factories, gyms, plazas, retailers etc.

You cannot call a domestic electrician to carry out commercial tasks because he is not allowed to do commercial tasks. The same goes with commercial electricians, they are not allowed to do domestic tasks.

We agree that residential electricians are experts too, but their expertise is not the commercial one.

Commercial electricians are insured for the work they do

As we know that commercial tours are more complex than residential ones, and electrical safety is not possible without insurance.

Inexperienced electricians may cause damage to the appliances, wiring and other equipment that can leave you at the risk of electrical fires or other electrical issues.

It is all about being careful about your security and handling of electricity. Moreover, hiring an insured electrician is also necessary for your customers, employees and overall business.

So, there is a possibility that something terrible may happen. Still, you can reduce the potential hazards and the risk, associated with electricity accidents by hiring an electrician with proper insurance.

Hiring a commercial electrician is time-saving

A commercial electrician is a wise, knowledgeable and experienced person who has a detailed wealth of commercial wiring knowledge and thus can help you save time.

Some problems keep on occurring, expert commercial electricians can solve the previous issues and predict the potential problems before they arise.

They have remarkable skills to deal with all kinds of hazards and issues of commercial properties. Residential electricians may not have extensive knowledge of dealing with the problems that may arise with the complex wiring of commercial properties.

In simple words, we can say that the expertise of the commercial electrician makes it possible for you to detect and analyse complex commercial electrical problem without delays. As a result, you can save time by working with commercial electricians to solve commercial electrical issues.

Need a commercial electrician?

At LiVE Services Group, we have more than two decades of experience in providing superior and premium electrical services to commercial properties that can boost the business’s success.

It is no secret that efficient working of devices including smartphones, laptops, other electrical appliances, and the internet is impossible without a strong internet connection. Here the role of commercial electrical electricians comes into the picture.

They can efficiently minimise disruption to your operations and overall turnaround time.

Call LiVE Services Group today for electrical services in South East Queensland – 1800 548 332 or you can book a job online anytime.

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