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Has your switchboard failed? Here’s what to do

Has your switchboard failed? Here’s what to do

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A switchboard is a significant portion of the home electrical system where all the circuits and wires are connected.

The switchboard plays a vital role in ensuring that everything is perfectly working and the wires are distributed to all the areas of the home.

It often contains various panels and mini panels for the proper distribution of electrical wires.

Having some basic knowledge about switchboards and how the wiring works is essential, especially if you are going to shift to a new home or have purchased the old one.

It does not mean that you should be taking electrical steps on your own; instead, it is all about having some practical knowledge about wiring. If you are facing any problem with the switchboard, we highly recommend you reach out to our electricians.

Need an emergency electrician to take a look at your switchboard?

First of all, it is important to mention that the switchboard not only supplies electricity to the whole home, but it is also responsible for switching off the light whenever a problem occurs.

So, if you think that you are facing any problem with your switchboard and need immediate help, the emergency electricians can help you out. Our electricians are licensed and fully accredited.

Common causes and reasons for a faulty switchboard 

We cannot see the electricity, and due to this reason, we do not think much about it. If you have short circuits and safety switches in your home, you leave everything to them and never think that the switchboard can also be faulty as well.

Various studies have revealed that homeowners never think about the faulty switchboard or even the electricity except in two instances:

  • When they face a power outage.
  • Whenever the electricity bills come.

So, if you are also ignoring the problems of the switchboard and continuously facing the blinking of lights and interruption of the electric supply, there are strong chances that there are problems with your switchboard.

Let’s have a look at some of the significant problems.

Old wiring design

If the switchboard is not working appropriately, then you should look at your home’s wiring.

Remember that old wiring can cause a lot of trouble because it cannot meet the latest electricity needs and cannot be used to connect the latest devices efficiently.

Overloading of the switchboard

We all know that with a switchboard there are a lot of different electrical devices and appliances, and it has a specific capacity. If you keep on connecting the devices, the limit will be reached, and the switchboard will get overloaded.

If you want to prevent your switchboard from causing chaos, we recommend you focus on the level of an electrical burden it can bear and how much electrical equipment can be connected with it at a particular time.

This is very important if you want to prevent electrical fires, shocks and other issues that are related to the overburdening of electrical devices, switchboards, short circuits and safety switches.

For this purpose, you should proceed with the periodic inspection of the switchboard to connect multiple electrical devices. Moreover, if you’re wise enough, you should hire an expert electrician to guide you with every step.

If you have not ever tried to get your switchboard checked, you should proceed with annual inspections. So, hire an expert electrician today.

When to fix your switchboard

A faulty switchboard can cause a lot of trouble, especially if it remains overburdened for a lot of time.

Remember that accidents may happen, and they can cause severe damage to your property and lives, so it is better to spend a few bucks in the retail inspection of your electrical system and prevent yourself from electrical file shops and other dangers.

Our electricians are experts in providing you with detailed electrical services. No matter what kinds of faults you have with your switchboard or how you want to prevent yourself from electrical accidents, they can help.

Remember that if you feel confident enough to proceed with electrical work on your own, it is entirely illegal and against Australian electrical laws.

According to Electrical Safety Office (ESO), if you are doing your electric work by yourself, you are committing a crime, it’s illegal unless you are a certified electrician. The DIY=DIE campaign by the Electrical Safety Office reminds you that, you should always keep yourself familiar with the potential hazards associated with non-expert electrical work.

Choose Live Services Group

At LiVE Services Group, we offer detailed electrical services throughout the region. We can also help if you fall into sudden trouble and need emergency help.

Our emergency electricians are 24/7 available and ready to help anytime, anywhere you want throughout the South East Queensland region.

We also keep working throughout the festive season. Even if you have got an electrical emergency even on New Year’s eve or Christmas, you can confidently rely on our services and call our emergency electricians.

Remember that it is our most distinguishing feature to remain available all the time because in the festive season, almost all the electrical service providers shut down their services and take leave. But now, you should not hesitate to design your Christmas tree and proceed with its lighting because we are always there to help.

Call Live Services Group today for electrical services in South East Queensland – 1800 548 332 or fill the form to lodge a job with us today!

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