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Implementing the Best Cabling for your Office

Implementing the Best Cabling for your Office

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We at LiVE Services Group have been providing quality services to all of our clients over the past 15+ years. Our qualified electricians not only excel at electric work. But also provide data cabling services to local businesses & corporates.

We provide data cabling services that include ethernet, landline phones, fibre optics and networking media. We are confident and take pride in helping all our commercial clients in setting up their workplaces.

To provide more value, we have covered the importance of data cabling and why we should let professionals do it!

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Data cabling: Understand the basics

As professionals, we get a lot of inquiries from businesses and companies for data cabling. Upon arrival, our experts carefully examine the whole office space. We take the complete responsibility to plan, execute, and test the business cables.

Over the past 15+ years, we have helped a lot of businesses to start with their data cabling needs. We have created a shortlist of key points to consider while data cabling a particular office/business.

You can through the same list to analyze your own data cabling needs by yourself.

1. Indentify the needs of your office/business

You may need to plan things accordingly. After all, nobody knows your business requirements better than you! Consider for the future needs as your business expands, your cabling needs will increase as well.

You can start with the total no of employees that need a telephone/internet connection.

Consider an estimate of both the future and current no. of employees. Here are some points that you need to know:

  • What communications system would you use? (Landline or VoIP).
  • Check the structure of your building?
  • Do you have plans to share with other businesses?

All these points decide the number of cables and no. of ports/sockets required to facilitate your office operations.

For example: if you are looking to store your files on a server, then you should have a dedicated intranet. It might require setting up extra cables/sockets to keep your computers connected.

On the other side, if you store your files/documents on a cloud, you need extra cables to maintain the server.

Once you have all these points figured out, then you can contact a commercial electrician for advice.

2. How many Phones/Computers would be connected?

Everybody that data cabling is needed to connect your phones and computers.

Estimate the no. of phones/computers to be connected/used by your employees. When you contact our electricians, you need to provide an estimated number of phones/computers required to be connected.

Also, you need to understand whether you need cabling or not? These days many businesses are using wireless phones and computers. Hence you will need less cabling, as most of your devices would be wireless.

You need to consider this point and contact our electricians to help you with the complete cabling procedure.

Once you have decided the total number of devices, then you need to pick the right cable to fulfil your needs.

3. Choose the best cabling that meets your requirements!

There are different types of cables with transmission speeds, bandwidth, shielding, etc.

First, you should know the basic types of cables used:

  • Coaxial cable: These were popular in old computer networks, and it supports speed up to 10 Mbps. These are durable and last for a long time.
  • Twisted pair cables: This is the most popular cable used across Australia, and it supports speeds up to 10 Gbps. It is common in all Lan connections paired with the RJ45 connectors.
  • Fibre optic: Fibre optics cables have glass/plastic, and they use light-based technology and support speed up to 200 Gbps. 

These were the top 3 basic types of cables that you can use for your office. You can choose the cable based on your speed and capacity requirements.

Whether you do video conferences or you just need to make sure that you select the cable that meets your needs.

Our electricians will solve all your data cabling requirements.

We are always ready to handle all the data cabling requirements of our clients. We are committed to helping our clients to get the best networking, connectivity, and data cabling of a modern office.

Our electricians have 15+ years of experience in delivering quality electronic services across the southeast part of Queensland.

Don’t make your office space wait! Feel free to call us at 1800 548 332 or submit your inquiry here.

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