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Importance of Cupboard, Cabinet and Wardrobe lighting an Electrician Explains.

Importance of Cupboard, Cabinet and Wardrobe lighting an Electrician Explains.

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Home renovation is a process where you redesign your home as per your requirements. It involves new paint, flooring, lamination, etc. But one of the most underrated things in renovation is the lighting, and those who understand it, pay great attention to it!

But still, there is a small number of people who focus on lighting. One sentence that describes the impact of lighting is that small changes make a big difference. It means that the lighting will change the ambience of your house.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the lighting and how it can completely change the entire look of your house. We are going to focus on things like cupboard cabinets and wardrobe lighting.

Why should you install a cupboard, cabinet and wardrobe lighting?

When you access a cupboard/cabinet, then you are greeted with a dark cupboard. As a result, you have to use a flashlight or something to see things.

But when you have lighting in your cupboard, cabinet and wardrobe, it becomes less annoying. You are greeted with a welcome light, and you can take your stuff and get going. There is no need to open any flashlight app, or a torch.

This makes it very convenient! But before you just move out to buy some lighting, you need to make sure that you know the 7 key points to choose the right lighting.

7 Key points to choosing the right lighting for your cupboard, cabinet or wardrobe lighting!

  1. Energy-efficient lights:

You should consider buying energy-efficient lights because approximately ten per cent of your household bill comes from the lighting. Therefore, you should buy the lights with the highest energy efficiency ratings.

     2.) Focus on the aesthetics:

The cupboard and wardrobe lights look best when they fit properly, and they look fantastic!

Here you should hire an experienced electrician! Otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve the best fitting while doing it yourself.

Poor fitting might lead to lose extension cables that lie all over the place. Instead, your lights should stay attached firm to your wardrobe/cupboard/cabinet. Hence, hiring an experienced electrician is a must to achieve an elegant look. 

 3.) Identify your purpose

The first thing that you need to do is to identify your purpose. Look online for inspiration on what kind of light will suit your home interior.

Keep a check on the placements, where you want to place your lights. Improper placements can prevent you from achieving the desired look.

Make a complete list of your requirements:

  • The total number of lights required? 
  • The brightness of the lights required?
  • How much time will the lights be turned on?
  • Is there any requirement for a switch? If required then what type?

4.) Choose the right lights

The next is to choose the right lights, and there are a lot of options available these days.

There are different lights that you can use to create the look of your choice:

  • Puck lights: These are small in size and are ideal for lighting up your cabinets. They are a snug fit and required some drilling to achieve the same look.
  • Rope lights: Rope lights are normal strip lights that can be attached or hung from any surface. But they do not fit as well as the puck lights, and they might look weird and out of proportion. 
  • LED strip lights: These are the brightest lights available, and a single/double strip can light an entire cupboard.

Again, you have to choose the right lights based on the desired look that you want to achieve.

5.) Material of quality of your wardrobe/cabinet/cupboard

One of the most important things is to check the quality of your wardrobe/cabinet and cupboard. There are a lot of things that need to be done such as new wire Installations along the body. The material has to be strong to handle the drilling or wire attachments.

Many cupboards and wardrobes cannot handle this! Hence you must consult with a professional electrician and buy the lights that are best suited for the job. 

  • The temperature of the lights:
    This is something that you need to know because most people ignore it! Some lights run hot, and some run cold. Yes, lights have a temperature, and if you select the wrong lights, then it might damage your cupboard/cabinet/wardrobe.

    Again, you should consult with a professional electrician and ask for the right lights that suit the material.

Also read: Learn the Impact of Warm and Cold Lights on your interiors.

  • Select the right trigger (A switch or a sensor)


A switch is a manual function where you turn it on manually, where a sensor is something that automatically lights up when you open the cupboard.

While considering a switch you have to consider the placement, as it should be within reach like under the cupboard. However, it may not look as neat as the sensor that operates automatically on opening. You can choose the right one that fulfils your requirements.

Here are some things that you need to pay attention to and some things you need to avoid for your cupboard.

What you should never do:

  • Do not try to take the task into your hands. Electricity is not a child’s play, and it can damage/cause injury to your body.
  • Do not choose the regular halogen bulbs. Such lights run hot, and it can damage your cupboard/wardrobe material.
  • Never add multiple lights to the same wardrobe. A single bulb or led strip is enough, do not overdo it!

What you should do:

  • Go for LED lights because they provide the best look and stay cool than the bulbs and the puck lights. These are the best in terms of energy efficiency in the whole market.
  • There should be adequate distance between your body and the lights. Some clothes are flammable, the risk is low and but still a tiny part of the risk is involved!
  • Consult with an electrician, who will guide you through the whole process to adequate the right look with the lights.

Looking for an electrician?

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Planning to install lighting in your cupboard, cabinet and wardrobe?

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