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Installing smoke alarms: Our electricians explain

Installing smoke alarms: Our electricians explain

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Smoke alarms can be helpful in the timely detection of fire on your property.

Fire can spread in just a couple of seconds. So, to avoid severe damage, it is necessary that you can get to know about fire at the very start. Fire alarms detect the smoke and alarm you within no time.

Smoke alarms are the most effective precautionary measure to avoid possible fire damage. But installing them in the right places is what matter the most. You can not just install them in one place; instead, you should install them in all potential areas and ensure that they timely sense the emergency and react to it by alarming you.

It is suggested to keep on checking the effectiveness of these alarms after a regular period. It is also necessary to replace the batteries when needed and then keep alarms on the same spot.

In the case of a newly constructed or renovated home, make sure that your builder has installed the alarms in the right places. You can also take the services of LiVE Services Group to get the smoke alarms installed or inspected.

If you want to install new smoke alarms or replace the current ones, either in your home or office. You can take the help of expert electricians by calling on 1800 548 332, or you can book an appointment online at LiVE Services Group.

Installing smoke alarms at home or office

Smoke alarms can only detect fire if placed in the proper position in your home or office. So, installing the alarms in the right position is the most important part of fire safety measures.

While installing the smoke alarms in the kitchen, there should be utmost care about the kitchen appliances that cause smoke and heat.

To avoid false alarms, smoke alarms should be installed 10 feet or 3 meters away from any kitchen appliances.

The other solution to avoid false alarms could be photoelectric smoke detectors. These detectors ignore the cooking scenario smoke and only detect smoke cases by burning electric wires or outlets.

These photoelectric smoke detectors can be a good option for the kitchen and any other place subjected to regular smoke.

Some detectors also have the feature of temperature adjustment. You can adjust it to the kitchen atmosphere.

Smoke alarms in Bedroom

Installing a fire alarm inside the bedroom or near the bedroom is most important.

You can install it in the hallway, outside the bedroom. However, their ideal position differs from the layout of your home.

If you have a three-bedroom house where two bedrooms are connected to a restroom, and one bedroom is connected to the hallway then the position of smoke alarms can be

  • One outside both rooms that are connected to the restroom, will cover both rooms and the restroom,
  • another in the hallway that connects the third room.

Despite this, it is always suggested that, provide your family with the best possible protection and install alarms inside all the rooms. To ensure complete protection, you can seek the help of an electrician at Live Services Group. Our expert electricians will guide you in the best possible way, and they can install, inspect or repair your alarms.

Smoke alarm tips

  • Always install the alarms away from windows, fans or vents as they will fail to detect the smoke or fire due to air crossing.
  • Inspect your alarms every month. You can change the batteries after a year and replace the alarm itself after ten years.
  • If you live in a rented property, it is the landlord’s responsibility to replace the batteries. You can alert your landlord if there is any problem with smoke alarms.

Want to install new smoke alarms on your property? Book our certified electricians

Protecting your property and your loved ones from fire is most important. Installing smoke alarms is one of the key steps toward security.

Live services group’s electricians aim to help the property owners in protection against fire by providing services for installing effective alarms in the right places and inspecting or replacing the fire alarms.

Our certified electricians work hard even during the weekend to provide services in all kinds of electric conditions. From the commercial office to the home, our electric services are for all properties. We offer the following services.

  • Services regarding security cameras/CCTV
  • All services regarding LIghting
  • Wiring services
  • Safety switches and three-phase outlets
  • Services regarding telephones
  • Lighting

Providing electrical safety is our primary objective. Our team of experts also do inspections to track the issues at the start and then solve them to avoid any problem.

To protect your house from fire and other electrical risks, you can rely on our team of certified electricians.

How can we help you? Find out by calling Live Services Group on 1800 548 332 or lodge a job online with us today.

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