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Lighting up your bedroom – 5 tips from our electricians

Lighting up your bedroom – 5 tips from our electricians

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Let us brighten up your life!

Your bedroom needs to be the most comfortable part of your home. If you ask us, we will say a plush bed, a lot of space and, of course, good lighting to elevate your mood.

Let us tell you that bedroom light does not need to be only natural light or ceiling light. There are plenty of lighting options available in the market.

You can use these other options to make your bedroom comfortable and take things to the next level. You can set your bedroom as you have dreamed of for many years.

Our expert electricians have approached clients from different parts of the city to light their rooms up and turn their imagination into reality.

During this period, we have developed some clever ways, tactics, and designs so that we can bring the best lighting solution for our customers in this town!

Our electricians share their top bedroom lighting tips

1) How about adding remote controls?

We can order food from home with just a single click

Our cars are working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and find their paths on their own. Our security systems are so advanced that they can detect movements and change their direction. And with only voice commands, we can control our TV and smartphone!

Is it wrong to bring a bit more high-tech features into our home?

Many homeowners in South East Queensland have adopted this feature of controlling their bedroom lights with a remote without getting up from their beds.

A single remote allows you:

  • Turn on and turn off the lights
  • Increase or decrease the intensity of light
  • Give the control of each bulb in the room.

Believe us, it feels great when you end the last chapter of the book you are reading and want to sleep, but you are too settled in your bed that you do not want to get up and turn off the lights. It feels incredible and convenient that you can use the remote and turn off the lights in just a lick lying in your bed.

2) Motion-activated lights

Is not it frustrating to fumble around in the dark and search for the light switch? You have ever experienced this fuss when you reach home and stumble around furniture and other equipment to turn the light on? Are you tired of accidentally banging your foot in the corner while searching for a midnight snack?

You need a sensor-activated light system to get rid of these problems.

Our electricians can install motion sensor lights in your bedroom so that you do need not to find the switches while coming home late. Just walk in, and the sensors will automatically do the rest!

Your movement will be detected by the sensors the moment you enter the room, and lights will turn on accordingly.

 3) Full control over your lighting

Sometimes you want your bedroom fully lit, and sometimes you want some romantic or natural environment. Isn’t it?

You can get that with candles, but in the modern world, it is a bit old. Plus, you have to buy all those candles from a nearby supermarket, and you need to worry about fire hazards too.

What if you can control all the lights of your room with the help of a single remote?

Instead of taking so much pain, you can dim your lights any time you want!

You can dim the intensity of your room’s light. You can have Valentine’s Day and Anniversary mood in the setting.

How cool it is!

It can also help you to save electricity if you are a budget, conscious person.

4) Feature and task lighting

A bedroom is a multifunctional room. For most of us, it is more than a room to sleep. For example, a bedroom is also a:

  • Workplace
  • Theatre
  • Makeup studio
  • Music room
  • Art gallery
  • Changing room

And much more!

Whatever the function you want to perform in your bedroom, you can install the lighting and adjust it accordingly.

In this way, you will feel much more comfortable doing what needs to be done.

Each of these different functions needs a different type of lighting. You are lucky enough that now we are providing world-class services at Live Service Group. We have a solution for every problem, and our expert electricians can set the room according to your wishes.

Let us ask you, do you need lights around your makeup mirror or cabinet? We can install directional lights around your makeup mirror!

Want a light that helps you focus on your studies and make it easy to read a book while sitting on your cabinet? We will bring you alight with perfect frequency and intensity and install to give you an optimal experience.

5) Choose to light for your aesthetic

You do not like an ordinary bedroom and want a custom it on your favourite theme?

You are in the right place. Electrician services provided by Live Services Group are world-class, and we know how much your imaginations mean to you and how they can be turned into reality!

The proper lighting and design are essential to provide you with a bedroom that fits your aesthetic preferences.

All it takes is the right colour and the right place to install a light in many cases. However, it requires your electrician for any unconventional lighting solution.

Craft the bedroom of your dreams with our domestic electricians

Bed, ceiling, carpet, décor, and of course lighting. These are the main basic building blocks of your bedroom.

While we might not be able to help with other things, our electricians can surely help you set up your dream bedroom.

In addition to installation, our expert team also helps with designing and deciding the right place to install light to match your desires.

What are you waiting for? Turn your dreams into reality by calling us at 1800 548 332 or click here to booking a job online today!

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