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LiVE SG electricians explain data cabling

LiVE SG electricians explain data cabling

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At Live Services Group, our commercial electricians can proceed with detailed electrical work; however, the great news is that they are also qualified data cablers.

We all know that all of our tasks are associated with high-quality cabling and expert installation. For example, while using phones, computers, and laptops, we need connections made through cables.

Data cabling involves the setup of ethernet landline telephone networking media and many other tasks related to the baseband transmission to the receiver.

Today, in this article, we will discuss data cabling in detail and tell how you can solve the data cabling issues and the role of expert data cables in solving the cabling issues.

What do you need to know about data cabling for office space?

Various companies call the emergency electrician to install data cables, but not all electricians are data cables.

For this purpose, you need to get in touch with the All-in-One electricians such as the electricians at Live Services Group.

According to the experiences of our certified electricians, a few things must be focused on and considered while proceeding with the installation of data cables and solving the problems associated with them.

Understand the needs of your office or business

A detailed analysis of your company is essential when it comes to data cabling.

You have to know the answers to a few questions before hiring the electrician:

  • How many total employees are currently working in your office?
  • What is the structure of your building, and how is the wiring integrated into it?
  • Do you share your devices with other businesses?
  • Which phone system is in your use?

The main reason behind collecting this type of information is that it helps the data cabling experts estimate the total number of cables, ports, outlets, and sockets in a particular building.

Information storage, such as how you manage your documents, also impacts the cables.

Companies or organisations that use cloud-based systems have fewer data cable issues and less chaos.

Even if you have a detailed understanding of data cabling issues and knowledge of all the necessary cables to facilitate office operations, you still rely on commercial electricians whenever an electrical problem occurs.

Phone and computer usage

We all know that the most critical use of data cables is to connect phones and computers.

So, we can make a realistic estimate of the number of data cables required in the office by calculating the number of computers and phones.

For this purpose, you will badly need to get in touch with an electrician who will guide you in detail to install data cables, especially if there are a lot of devices in your business.

They will also guide you on how you can reduce the need for that much cabling.

Remember that nowadays, most phones and computers are wireless, so the need for data cabling is continuously decreasing day by day.

But it is not a concern to estimate the number of cables required in a particular office. You can leave everything to the commercial electrician who has a good understanding of official needs and has a grip over data cabling issues.

Types of cabling

A layman does not know the types and factors that affect cabling. Some of the major problems that may occur with your cabling are related to transmission speed, bandwidth and shielding.

Even if you do not have extensive knowledge of data cabling, you must be well aware of the types and other basic understanding.

A bunch of data cables piled together

To provide you with some essential awareness and knowledge on Ethernet cables, let’s have a look at their basic types.

  • Coax is an internet cable that is not usually visible, is present in the inner conductor and has other strong insulation around it that provides a conductive shield.
  • Twisted pair is available in an ethernet cable that is extensively used throughout Australia, which uses a pair of copper wires twisted around each other.
  • Fibre optic is a unique cabling system that is based on light technology.

Here it is worth mentioning that the given system is often very complex, and these are not even all the types of ethernet cable, as it has more than 10 different categories.

The knowledge of cabling is essential because the type of cable affects the capacity, speed, and energy consumption.

Data cabling is crucial when using a computer in the office to carry out complex tasks, conduct video conferences, upload files, etc.

Our electricians will solve your data cabling needs

Before guiding you about our detailed electrical services, it is essential to mention that Live Services Group are a qualified and licensed NBN installer.

You can also connect your business to NBN and take the help of our data cabling experts for this purpose.

Need the help of data cabling electricians?

Whether you want to install a landline or proceed with the complex evening arrangements for your new office, our modern data cabling experts and electricians can help you out.

The electricians available at Live Services Group in South East Queensland have more than 20 years of experience in delivering quality cabling and electrical services.

Call us 24/7 on 1800 548 332 or lodge a job with us today.

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