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LSG electrician explains power surges

LSG electrician explains power surges

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Electrical surges are harmful.

We here at LiVE Services Group do not want to entangle in something complex. It is a straightforward case, and we would like to answer it in the same manner.

Electrical surges are hazardous. It is an extreme complexity, and it can even lead to further complications in your electrical system.

Before you start worrying, let us tell you that most of the surges are small in scale, and you need not worry about the majority of the surges.

However, to avoid other complications, you need to watch out for severe type surges.

To minimize the risk and to protect your home, you may need to call your local electrician!

What is an electrical power surge?

Simply speaking, a power surge is a sudden increase in electrical current that can damage your devices, appliances, and electrical system as well.

Indeed, some of the surges came outside of the home. They may come from lightning strikes or faulty transformers. But they are prominent, and your electrical company is responsible for taking care of them.

The vast majority of electrical surges that happen within the system of your house may occur several times a day.

When you turn on an appliance, it generates a surge of electricity and flows towards that appliance. The high-power consuming devices are the primary culprit here as they produce massive electrical surges.

While a majority of surges are harmless but there are certain serious risks associated with them.

The consequences of power surges

High voltage and huge currents can have many serious consequences!

It is dangerous for your home and business. Notably, it can damage your devices and plugged-in appliances.

That is why it is advised that homeowners should regularly get their electrical system checked by professional electricians. Because it is a concerning situation as it can damage the electrical devices and even lead to electrical fires.

It will help to avoid the following complications:

  • Electrical fires
  • Damaged electrical outlets
  • Blackouts and disruptions
  • Melting and burning of wires and sockets
  • Damaged appliances

Signs of an enormous power surge

It isn’t easy to detect power surges without proper tools. It is because surges only remain for microseconds, and most of the time, they are not even noticeable by our senses.

Certain factors indicate a surge, such as smoke, cracking and burning smell.

There are the following significant signs of electrical surges as well:

  • Total blackout or loss of power
  • Appliances and devices losing control or suddenly resetting
  • Tripping of switches or circuit breakers
  • Faulty and melted wiring

Most of the surges are not even noticeable. But if a wave produces significant signs, it is highly recommended to call an emergency electrician.

Causes of electrical power surges

1.    Exposed and damaged wiring

Exposed and damaged electrical wires are the leading cause of electrical surges either because of electrocution or the potential risk of coming in direct with other live wires.

It means that the exposed or damaged electrical wires can cause the current to flow differently, making things complicated because the current channel is in another direction.

It puts your house at the risk of electrical fires and boosts the chances of electrical surges.

It can be fixed by replacing all the damaged wires in the house and it can only be done by an expert South East Queensland electrician.

2.    Overloaded outlets

Never thought it was a problem.

Don’t worry; it is a common perception but a dangerous one!

One piece of advice from our side is that you should not plug in too many devices in a single outlet. It is hazardous.

Electrical wires are made for entertaining a specific amount of current. If this current exceeds the limit, they get too hot, leading to many complications, including electrical surges.

The best way to avoid any complications is to call for professional help and install additional outlets if you need them. Otherwise, at least avoid connected too many devices with a single outlet.

3.    Lightning

Lightning causes massive power surges!

It is the most fundamental cause of electrical surges. But there is not much you can do about lightning because it is not under your control. But there are specific measures you can take to counter the effect.

One idea is to install a lightning rod that will draw all the electrical energy towards itself and protects your devices and appliances.

Another precaution is to unplug all the sensitive devices and appliances when there is bad weather outside and a high chance of lightning. Usually, everyone should take the necessary measures during a thunderstorm.

Let an emergency electrician protect your home from power surges

You can do many things to prevent yourself from power surges, but sometimes things slip from your hand and get out of control.

If it happens, you will surely want to have a professional on board.

Live Service Group is an emergency electrical service providing company in South East Queensland. We are famous for developing a sustainable solution to protect you from such hazards.

Our emergency electricians know their job because they have decades of experience. They install surge protectors and identify and fix all other related issues like damaged wiring and tripping breakers that can damage your devices.

Call us anytime 1800 548 332 – better yet, save our number on your phone, as you never know when you may need it! Alternatively, you can lodge a job online.

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