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Our Top Christmas Lighting Tips

Our Top Christmas Lighting Tips

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Santa’s arriving on his wagon with his reindeers bringing times of happiness, joy and gifts. Christmas is the happiest time of the year, and our electricians are here to help!

You have decided to go on a drive with your friends and family to see the awesome Christmas lights.

On your way, you come across different houses decked with Christmas lights. You start taking inspiration for the next year and stumble upon the Christmas lights that look flawless!

That one decoration keeps you thinking about how they pulled it off?

Well, this happens with everyone! Every Christmas some people do an extraordinary job and put awesome Christmas lights (some of them even have audio) in their house.

Our certified electricians get a lot of inquiries from people with photos about achieving the same look without tripping any circuit/safety switch?

The straightforward answer is Yes. Our electricians will explain how you can also achieve the same look without any safety hazards.

Safety is our topmost priority, and we want you to have a happy and safe Christmas. So, before you start with those glazing Christmas lights, you should read about the 3 Important facts about Christmas lights.

Top 3 Tips To Save Yourself A Callout From An Electrician

Use outdoor resistant (weatherproof) Cord and Outdoors.

One of the most common mistakes our electricians notice is people using the indoor extension cord adapters, and power boards.

Most people are unaware of the outdoor cords/power boards. They are designed for outdoor use and withstand any weather. While using your extension cords/power boards, you should keep all your connections covered. Check them properly and make sure that there is no possibility of water getting in.

Secure your Christmas lights

Rain is one of the most common fears that people have while installing electric lights. Yes, it can damage your light but, there is another important element, the winds.

Strong winds can blow your light all over the place and get tangled up that might cause damage/injury. Therefore, you need to secure them to a firm surface such as the wall, gate/tree.

Just make sure that you do not hang them loose! Secure them to the ground, wall, gate or tree! Wherever you hang them you need to make sure they will not move.

Position your Christmas lights carefully

This is something that you would have already decided! We bet you know exactly where you want to place your Christmas lights. But the main point here is that you should know the rules for positioning Christmas lights.

4 Rules for positioning Christmas lights:

  • Maintain a distance of 3 meters from the powerlines.
  • Use low voltage equipment while attaching your lights to anything metallic.
  • Keep your Christmas lights away from any contact with water.
  • Keep your cords away from the doorway/windows, as it might lead to some extra wear & tear.

Once you have followed all the tips mentioned above, then we are sure that you will have a safe and happy Christmas every year.

Have an Emergency? Hire a Professional electrician today!

Electric hazards and faults can happen anytime! LiVE Services Group is available 24/7 to provide professional help to all businesses/homes across the sunshine coast.

No matter if it’s Christmas or any other day! We are always available to tackle all emergencies on Christmas and New Year break. All our electricians are licensed and qualified to resolve any electric problems.

We are committed to show up in any emergency and inspect your Christmas display to ensure your peace of mind.

All you have to do is call us on 1800 548 332 and consult with our team.

Still, have any inquiries/jobs for us? Fill in the form and get in touch.

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