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Smoke alarms: our commercial electricians explain

Smoke alarms: our commercial electricians explain

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Previously, our electricians talked about installing a smoke alarm and other less-known considerations along with the smoke alarms.

And today, we are going to talk about smoke alarms and their importance in the modern-day world. We will explain some of the things you should know about these alarms and how installing smoke alarms can help prevent fires.

Our electricians will help you install these alarms at your home and your place of work!

Whether you are a businessman or a landlord, these smoke alarms are vital to install at your business place or storage accordingly. You never know when a mishap happens. That is why it is recommended to take precautionary measures to prevent any such accident and installing smoke alarms is the step towards those precautions.

It is also a legal requirement. In addition to smoke alarms, the law also asks for the following information:

  • Features of the alarm
  • How many needed to install
  • Position of the alarms

According to law, smoke alarms should be installed correctly at different positions throughout the commercial property so that everyone can hear the alarm in case of any emergency.

Do you have doubts about whether your business is meeting the legal requirements or not?

Call our commercial electrician at 1800 548 332 or click here and let us guide you further.

Fire safety in commercial properties: what does the law say?

Did you know that it is mandatory to have a smoke alarm in any commercial building?

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990; Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008; and the Electrical Safety Act 2002 are to be in place from 1st January 2022 for rental properties and related electrical work (if applicable)

Smoke alarms in commercial properties

As mentioned above, smoke alarms are essential to install in any commercial property.

It is your duty to protect your property against any legal suit or threat of smoke and fire.

Installing smoke alarms in commercial properties is a tricky task. When installing alarms, make sure to contact a commercial electrician, who can help you install all the alarms safely. You will have 100% satisfaction because it is a matter of life and death.

Our experienced electricians also install, repair, replace and reinstall all the isolated or connected wires to the smoke alarm system.

We will make sure that each and every smoke alarm works properly.

In addition to that, we will also ensure that every room or corridor that needs a smoke alarm must have it installed there, at an optimal position for better coverage and detection.

Smoke alarm in office areas

The office is the place where you and all other employee works. It is the place from where you earn. So, why not invest something back in the safety of the building and the workers working there?

Smoke detection alarms should be installed at every key position in the office.

It is because the meeting and storage rooms in the offices often remain closed. In case of fire in these rooms, it will be much more challenging to know about it to take precautionary measures without a smoke alarm installed there.

Also, the unused rooms in the building should have smoke alarms installed to avoid any mishaps.

It is a general role not to install fire or smoke alarms close to doors or windows as they interfere with their standard functionality.

Last but not the least, please avoid any painting over the smoke alarms. It will disable their function, and you will get no warning in case of an emergency.

Storage areas and basements

Storage is the place where all the raw material is stored. Most of the time, this raw material can be flammable and catch fire. Installing sound quality alarms is mandatory in storage areas.

Basements should also have smoke alarms installed as electrical generators and other electrical types of equipment are in there, and excessive heat and lead to a fire.

Parking garages

If you think that your shopping experience was bad on Christmas, think of those poor people whose cars go up in flames in the parking of Chadstone Shopping Centre.

It is not a hot topic, but there is an extreme risk of any car catching fire. That is why make sure that the parking area has enough smoke alarms installed at proper locations.

Another essential thing is that a car’s exhaust can easily trigger smoke alarms. To avoid the complication, smoke alarms should be installed in parking spaces.

In addition to that, make sure that parking areas have a proper ventilation system to avoid any false alarms.

When installing a smoke alarm at places where heat and smoke production can lead to false alarms, you need to call an expert electrician. Our electricians can configure the alarms and adjust their sensitivity levels accordingly.

Is your business fire-safe?

Call our commercial electricians today!

Every human life is important!

Taking into consideration the current events, fire security is much more essential than ever before. Testing and maintaining fire alarms are now more crucial in a commercial building to prevent any fire and give people a safe passage in case of any emergency.

Our expert electricians can install, repair, replace and maintain smoke alarms to make your workplace safer for everyone.

Our team can provide you with several commercial electrical services. From looking after the alarms to maintaining the wiring, we are offering the following services in the field of electricity:

  • Lighting the rooms
  • Safety switches installation
  • 3 phase outlets
  • Security lights and sensors
  • Data and telephone points
  • CCTV/security cameras
  • Electrical maintenance and repairs
  • Fibre-optic wiring for better internet connectivity

Whatever the problem is, you can always rely on Live Services Group to care for any electrical issue in your home or offices.

Contact Live Services Group today – give us a call on 1800 548 332 or book a job online.

You can also mail us in case of any queries.                         

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