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What are the differences between a safety switch and a circuit breaker?

What are the differences between a safety switch and a circuit breaker?

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Very few people can tell the difference between the circuit breaker and the safety switch. Most of them think that they are totally the same thing.

It is noted that there are very similarities between these two devices, and they are for the protection and safety of your home, however, it is very important to understand the difference because they are not the same.

Moreover, if you want to proceed with the electrical setup of your home, you should also focus on whether or not your home has a safety switch or circuit breaker.

Basically, this problem can arise when you do not have enough knowledge about the difference between a safety switch circuit breaker as it becomes quite difficult to deal with the electrical problem.

If you do not have any knowledge about it, we will happily assist you at Live Services Group.

What is a safety switch?

All of us know that the electrical balance is necessary for the flow of electricity and power is required to run the electrical appliances switches and outlets.

However, sometimes the problem may occur and abnormal current starts flowing which may result in the reticle for any other problem.

At this stage, the role of the functional safety switch comes into the picture. it immediately detects the electrical imbalances and stops the flow of energy within 0.3 of a second.

For this reason, Australian law has advised us to install safety switches in homes and commercial buildings.

So if you also want to protect your home from any kind of electrical disasters, fires and shocks, we highly recommend you proceed with the installation of the safety switch.

What kind of problems may occur with safety switches

Electrical tripping may happen anytime it can stop them from performing their role of protection.

It will happen when the electrical system gets overburdened and all of your devices in your home are actively running including ovens, refrigerators, irons and digital devices such as computers and televisions.

You can detect the problem with the safety switch blackout occurs in your home and the electricity does not appear to fail for others.

so whenever electrical because it is better to ask your neighbours if they also have the electrical problem, it means that you have an area-wide blackout and there is no problem with your safety switch.

If you want to know the reasons behind the inefficient working of the safety switch, you should know that sometimes overloading or the interaction of water with electrical wiring or the electrical appliances gives rise to the problems of safety switches.

If you face any such issue, you should immediately reach out to the professional electrician who will immediately fix the problem and find out the issues. In this way, you can enjoy the maximum safety of your family.

What is a circuit breaker?

The role of circuit breaker comes into the picture when you let your system overheat due to any reason such as extraordinary strain or too hot environment. In other words, we can see whenever there is an uncontrolled power set up the circuit breaker immediately cuts out the supply of electricity to prevent any potential damages that may be caused by the surge.

Issues that you may face with circuit breaker

Let’s have a look at the issues that are very common with circuit breakers.

1.    Faulty wiring

Sometimes your wiring becomes too old, or the poor installation of electrical wiring gives rise to flickering lights and faltering appliances. If you continuously face a problem, you should know that there is a problem with the circuit breaker and it is unable to perform its role.

Leaving this problem unhandled can put your family at the risk of electrical fire or shock. 

2.    Circuit overload

If you proceed with electrical wiring installation you should take the help of a licensed electrician to adjust the right voltage for every appliance.

It is no secret that the value of voltage for every place is different. For example, visitors and washing machines may require a lot of voltage, 20 amps or above, while various other devices may require 15 to 20 amps.

We all know that homeowners are usually not aware of this type of setting and there are great chances that they may overheat the circuit if they do not take the help of professional activation for the determination of the right voltage.

Moreover, they also do not know the hazards associated with plugging in various appliances in a single outlet. All these problems male lead to circuit overload.

3.    Circuit tripping

Hotwires may come in contact with each other. This problem needs to be corrected immediately because it may result in electrical fires. Moreover, it also causes overall damage to the electrical system.

What is the location of the safety switch on the circuit breaker?

It is important to mention that there are two major ways to locate the safety switch and circuit breaker.

1.    Look at the safety switch on the circuit breaker on your own

for this purpose, go to the switchboard and find out the relevant marks. there you will be able to easily identify the safety switch on the circuit breaker.

2.    Contact the expert electrician to guide you

Sometimes you may not know the location of the circuit breaker and safety switch by merely looking at the switchboard. At this stage, we highly recommend you to take the help of an electrician.

Do not wait and call an electrician today

Well, now we have guided you about how you can ensure maximum safety during an electrical emergency. Moreover, from the above discussion, you can also realize how important is it to understand the difference between a safety switch and a circuit breaker.

We at Live Services Group can provide you with further assistance as well as practical guidance by physically visiting your home. you can take your help if you prioritise your safety and are super careful about taking professional help to solve electrical problems.

Call Live Services Group anytime on 1800 548 332 or book a job with us today!

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