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What You Need To Know About Extension Cord Safety

What You Need To Know About Extension Cord Safety

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If you are fed up with stretching a device cord, an extension cord can turn out to be a very wonderful solution to this problem.

However, the permanent use of an extension cord is not advised because it can be seriously dangerous to the electrical setup and your family.

However, if you are feeling the need for using the extension cords permanently, we recommend you to consider the following tips that are provided by our electricians in South East Queensland.

Is using an extension cord safe?

When it comes to the safety of the extension cord, it would be right to say that the use of the extension cord is overall safe, however, it also depends on for which area you are going to use the extension cord. For example, if you want to use it for your home office or bedroom, we recommend you install the power outlet and do not use an extension cord.

If you do not know how to proceed with the installation of a new power outlet you will immediately reach out to the South East Queensland electricians who can provide detailed domestic electrical services including the installation of sockets and outlets.

Basically, there are various dangers associated with the extension cables including electrical fire, tripping electrocution, chewing by a pet or other child-safety hazards.

So it is strictly advised to follow all the safety measures to prevent yourself from electrical accidents.

What is the importance of an extension cord?

The importance of an extension cord can be realised from the fact that it can solve the permanent device electrical disconnectivity problem.

If you have a very tight device cord and it is quite far away from the power and you need to immediately proceed with the electrical setup, the extension cord can solve this problem.

It can provide you with the freedom of using devices and electronic products and appliances anywhere you want.

How to choose the right extension cord?

When it comes to choosing the right extension cord, we recommend you to only purchase the new one and not buy the cheap one either.

You can also take the help of a professional local electrician. He can provide you with a detailed guide on what kind of extension cord is right for your particular needs.

What happens if the extension cord gets overloaded?

If we work in an environment where we use an extension cord for multiple devices and connect a lot of appliances with it at the same time, it becomes overloaded and results in an overloaded circuit.

It makes sense when the power outlet is far away from the sound system, Wi-Fi modem or any other electrical appliance, however, you should not forget the fact that it always brings the extra danger that is overloaded the power outlet.

What are the warning signs of overloading electrical circuits?

The major warning signs associated with overloaded circuit boards include:

The circuit becomes very warm and whenever you touch the wires you feel hot.

It produces buzzing sounds.

The lights start flickering or dimming.

Sometimes these warning signs appear at the same time while on other occasions, you may face only one or two signs.

What is the correct way of using a power cord?

If you carefully observe the power cord, you will come to know that various numbers or alphabets are written on them. Some of the letters that you might find useful with their corresponding meaning are given below.

W – Can be used outdoors

J – Only has 300-volt insulation (No “J” indicates that the cord has 600-volt insulation so is better for larger devices or a powerboard)

P – Parallel wiring, used mostly indoors

O – Indicates an oil-resistant cord

T – Is made from vinyl

E – Is made from elastomer

S – For general use

These alphabetic symbols can provide you with detailed knowledge on whether or not you can attach the power board, what to avoid plugging into the extension cord and what devices can or cannot be connected with this cord permanently.

It is worth mentioning that the cords with W on them are suitable for external and outdoor use but they are not useful when there are harsh weather conditions outside.

What is the right way of hiding cables?

Some people think that adding the cords under the mats, rugs or tables is a good solution because it makes them out of sight. However, this is not the right choice because there are better chances of stepping and tripping in this way.

So there are only two safe and secure ways to safely hide the cables.

Attach them with the wall.

Cover them on the ground using cable protectors.

If you want to proceed with the temporary use of the extension cords, we recommend you attach the cords to the wall. However, for long-term usage, the installation of cable protectors is mandatory.

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