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Why Is Your Circuit Breaker Tripping? Top 4 Common Reasons

Why Is Your Circuit Breaker Tripping? Top 4 Common Reasons

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Are you suffering from a bad experience?

One of the circuit breakers is tripping again and again?

Every time the circuit breaker trips, you lose light and power in that specific areas of the house connected to that breaker.

It is the most annoying experience.

Suppose you are watching your favourite movie on Netflix with your family and suddenly, everything went black!

You are in the middle of an important office meeting that can earn you a good position and money in the company and, suddenly, you can see nothing!

Tripping of breakers may be a typical electrical problem in many homes, but how long can you withstand it? It is just a matter of time when you get so frustrated about it.

If you face the same problem and are sick of it, you must call a local electrician in South East Queensland for electrical safety audits!

If you expect a power breakdown during any activity that matters a lot, you must contact a certified electrician. You can avail of our services by giving us a call.

Let the best electrician in South East Queensland check your electrical system. Our expert electrician will tell you the core problem and let you fix it as soon as possible.

Save this number 1800 548 332 for any emergency service related to electricity because you never know when you need it!

Why is my breaker started tripping suddenly?

Most people ask this question because they cannot find any malfunction on their own.

That is why we recommend you have a professional to love after the problem.

Actually, circuit breakers are responsible for protecting your system and electrical equipment from any sudden surge and drop of voltage and current. Breakers cut the follow of current when they detect any such sudden change in the system.

Breakers can resume their function after a reset.

What does it mean when your circuit breaker trips?

First thing first, it means there is a problem in the system, internal or external, that is the topic for further discussion!

If you lose the electricity of your house or a particular region, all of a sudden, then it means that something went wrong.

House lights may flicker due to the tripping of the circuit. Your circuit breakers must protect you from any unfavourable change in the system by cutting the flow of electricity in the areas where it detects the problem. Otherwise, due to overloading, you can lose your precious electrical gadgets.

That is why it is recommended not to go for any DIY effort and find an expert to deal with the issue!

Because it is a serious one!

Find an expert electrician in South East Queensland and let him help you!

What are the signs of a bad breaker?

It is vital to be aware of such issues because it is a matter of your safety!

The job of any circuit breaker is to protect your house from any increase or decrease in the electrical load that can lead to damage or electrical shock.

For your safety, if you think that you need to repair the circuit breakers at your home, then you need to consider some red flags.

But it is important not to do it yourself; instead, seek the assistance of an expert electrician!

1. Circuit overload

Any electrical equipment has a set boundary, and it can handle electrical current within those boundaries!

A circuit overload can cause the power to stop suddenly.

If the power breakdown of the kitchen follows the break breakdown in the living room, then it means that the electrical system of your house is working on a single circuit.

In this case, you need to take the following steps:

  • Unplug all the devices and appliances
  • Go to your electrical panel and turn off all the switches
  • Turn off/on the circuit breakers

Then the most vital step is the find the devices or appliances that are causing the current breakdowns of power in your house. Switch on all the appliances individually and see whether it causes the breaker to trip again?

After finding the source of the problem, you should contact the local electrician in South East Queensland to assist you in the process!

Electricians may add a separate circuit in your kitchen or living room so that overloading will no longer be the problem.

2. Short circuits

When the electric current in the circuit hits a different direction, then a short circuit happens!

There is always a low power resister between the source of the power and the electrical conductor. When the current takes a different turn against the original one, an excessive amount of heat is produced, and it can cause an electrical fire. If it comes in contact with a human, it can give a strong electrical shock.

Negligence towards the electrical system, especially electric breakers, could lead to the following experiences:

  • Massive heat production
  • Power cut
  • Power tripping
  • It can also damage your power system

Following are a few reasons for short circuits:

  • Lose connections
  • Faulty wiring
  • Wrong wiring of appliances

It is a concerning situation in which you need to have an expert on board in South East Queensland.

3. Faulty safety switch

Any fault in the electrical system can lead to problems. But more specifically, poor electrical connection can lead to defect in wiring. It can also happen during renovations or DIY activities. Old and outdated wires can also cause problems.

It would be best if you also watched out for the faults in the wiring and red flags due to lousy wiring:

  • The smell of burning plastic
  • Smoke
  • Hotwires or devices
  • Flickering lights
  • Hot power points
  • Blown fuses

You can have repaired or wholly replaced such faulty electrical wiring by an expert to prevent breaker tripping!

4. Faulty electrical appliances

Faulty electrical appliances can cause the breaker to trip. As we all know, faulty appliances can draw more power from the system or low or no power at all…

In all these situations, the breaker detects unusual activity in the system and trips to prevent any loss.

In another case, the electrical device may tear out, and current leaks enter another circuit or come in contact with a human being. The breaker will detect it as the excessive flow of current, and it will trip.

In such circumstances, turn off all the appliances and wait for the electrician to come and check the system.

How do you fix a breaker that keeps tripping?

Power tripping can be dangerous and leads to massive loss of life and property.

In order to prevent any such event, there are some tips to fix tripping breakers:

1.    Turn off all your lights and appliances

You need to switch off all the appliances if the safety switch does not reset. Especially turn of those appliances that are ignored usually.

2.    Reset your circuit breaker

Reset your circuit breaker immediately in case of tripping. That will prevent further complications.

3.    Test your circuit breaker

It will give you an idea about the condition and competence of your safety switch.

If there is a problem and you have doubts, it is best to call a 24 hours emergency electrician here at Live Services Group in South East Queensland.

Do I need an electrician to replace a circuit breaker?

A licensed South East Queensland electrician at Live Services Group can help you to replace any faulty circuit breakers.

Got a problem with circuit breaker tripping? Call an emergency local electrician in South East Queensland now!

For your safety, let an expert electrician check your system on a regular basis to make sure that everything is working properly. It will save you and your family from any mishap.

Live Services Group electricians are licensed and have years of experience on their hands. They are the best option to choose in case of breaker tripping or any up-gradation in your house’s breaker and electrical system.

Call us on 1800 548 332 or lodge a job online.

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