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6 Things Your Residential Electrician Wants You to Know

6 Things Your Residential Electrician Wants You to Know

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Safety is a top concern for all electrical repairs and installations, from the simplest to the most complicated.

Of course, you already know that electricity is hazardous. Nevertheless, there are many aspects of electrical repairs & safety that you may not be aware of.

That’s the topic of today’s article from your neighbourhood electricians!

 #1 Electrical Warning Signals Are Important!

Electrical warnings don’t just appear out of nowhere. It gives you a signal because there is something wrong with your outlets, cables, etc. That is why you must never dismiss them!

We’re not just talking about warning lights here; odd smells and noises may also indicate that something is not right with your electrical system.

If you notice them right away, you may need to cut off the main power supply or call LiVE Services Group to check over your house. 

#2: Low-Cost Electrical Parts Aren’t Worth It

You save a few bucks upfront, but the chance of defects and other issues is just too great! High voltages, unstable currents, and electrical loads often happen in your powerboards, sockets, and receptacles.

While we are not telling you that you purchase the most costly item on the market, we believe that pricing should not be the primary consideration.

Can you truly rely on low-cost cables, power strips, and extension cords to be safe and durable? You can’t put a price on safety, believe us.

#3: Never Cut Your Own Electrical Lines

You may need to cut and solder your own electrical wires for many DIY electrical projects. However, many DIYers make the mistake of cutting their electrical cables too short, which may lead to an insecure wire connection, putting your safety in danger.

That is why hiring a professional electrician is the best option if you need complicated electrical work done around your house.

#4 Wear Only High-Quality Protective Gear

Some DIYers utilize simple rubber gloves and other basic safety gear to keep themselves safe while working on their projects.

When protecting the wearer from heat and electricity, we can’t argue that they are better than nothing. They don’t, however, compared to appropriate protective gear.

Consider a pair of dishwashing gloves: they’re rubber, but they’re also thin, and they’re frequently constructed of lower-grade rubber to save production costs, reducing their protective qualities.

This is why professional electricians only invest in genuine safety equipment with high-quality insulation.

#5 Keep Your Hands Dry (Always!)

It should go without saying that water and electricity are very hazardous! Water is an electrical conductor. 

Therefore, when an electrical circuit becomes wet, it enhances the current flow while also enabling the electricity to propagate through the water. Furthermore, it may result in a short circuit and electric shock.

#6: Don’t Try To Do Your Own Electrical Work

While certain small electrical tasks (such as replacing a light bulb) may be done independently, the overwhelming majority of electrical repairs and improvements are best left to a professional electrician.

We understand your excitement about tackling tasks like DIY electrical wiring in your home, particularly as the New Year approaches.

Our team, however, warns against DIY work unless you are a licensed electrical expert.

Electrical work is not just complex, but it must also obey Australia’s stringent construction standards. The only way to get this done is to hire an expert.

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