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5 DIY projects that need a local electrician

5 DIY projects that need a local electrician

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A new taste, new likings, new goals, new plans, and on top of all that, of course, your new year’s resolutions. It is a common practice among people of all ages that they want to upgrade their lifestyle with the change in a year. People finally go for the improvements, renovations and DIY plans they were trying to execute for so long!

People often have many DIY on their lists. These plans include brightening up the house and the garden, arranging new laps and new lights in gardens, living room and front of the house. It may also involve building a new home theatre to watch movies and have fun with family and friends. And there are a lot more things to add to this list!

Are you excited to see the new look of their home?

But how are they going to manage all of it? Of course, many of these plans have an electrical aspect. And due to this reason, you will need to hire a local electrician in South East Queensland!

What should you consider?

Electricity is dangerous, and it can be more when you try to handle complex circuits without any experience in electronics. We do not think that these reasons are not enough for you to stand back and leave your project in the hands of an experienced electrician.

Safety should be the priority in any electrical project. When you hire an experienced electrician in South East Queensland, you can be sure of the following:

  • Safety protocols will be followed
  • The project will be completed according to security standards
  • Wiring, fitting, and circuits will be of high quality

Want to know the most important benefit of choosing a Pro? Most DIY-ers overlook this aspect! The planning and the experience!

With years of experience under our belt, our electricians in South East Queensland can help you better plan your DIY projects. Do your plan’s layouts matches the security standards? Only our experts can tell that!

Further, the type of upgrade, lightning patterns, and fittings does not matter, and your local electrician can help you with everything.

1. Outdoor lighting

The outdoor lighting can help in many ways. It does not only add to the beauty and aesthetics of your house, but it also protects your house by illuminating the paths and makes them difficult for any breach.

In addition to that, you may be thinking to improve your outdoor ambience because summer is approaching, and you want to start BBQ in your house. The great alfresco dinner can be another reason, though!

However, there is more to it than just illuminating your house as good lighting can also improve the function, and it is more practical.

It is essential to know that outdoor lighting comes with many challenges. For example, you must make sure that the lighting will withstand the effects of atmospheric and temperature changes. The lighting should also be able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

And for that reason, you need to have an expert in the field!

Trust us, the extension and handing mason jars with lights are out of options – we need to opt for safer alternatives for the safety of your house and family! Brightness along with durability is a good option to go for! And for that purpose, you need to find a reliable electrician.

A proper electrical who is familiar with ground realities can install better ground wirings for your outdoor fittings. Our electrician at Live Services Group will advise you to go for the best and most economical material for your house that will be water-resistant and provide better light. Whether you are thinking of a major upgrade or just changing the lights in car parking, you need an expert!

2. Home theatre

Make your movie nights extra awesome with your movie theatre!

You know better the importance of personalized home theatre after spending the last year at home!

Just think what you could have done if you had a theatre in your house?

A good home theatre is much more than a TV and some curtain. It also includes features like:

  • Adjustable lighting
  • A proper sound system
  • A giant TV and a ceiling mounting projector
  • Additional sockets for ethernet ports and data cables
  • Back up electricity

It is much work, and it needs a pro to do it properly. So, you give us the direction, and we will bring it to the lift!

Make sure that your movie would not cut out in a way by calling an expert home theatre electrician.

We can also make your experience smoother:

  • No visible cables or wires
  • Extra sockets for power
  • Speaker in walls or ceilings
  • A wholesome experience for you

3. Free yourself from extension cords – install new outlets, sockets and plugs

Here comes the topic of extension cords!

Nobody likes to have extension cords and other workarounds needed to ensure a smooth electricity supply for all the devices.

Are you fed up with devices due to the shortage of power circuits?

Installing new electrical outlets seems to be an easy DIY. But in reality. It is much more complex and challenging. It is not like installing a new home theatre, but there is a degree of expertise required to install such sockets!

It can also bring harm to you if you do anything wrong.

If possible, do not take a risk because nothing is more important than life itself. Instead, let the local electrician do this work.

Once done! You will have more sockets to use and power up all your devices.

4. Replacing old circuit breakers

As you know, circuit breakers play their role in making a safer electrical environment and protect you from a range of problems.

  • Overloading
  • Short circuits
  • Power surges
  • Low power problems

Your circuit breaker will come into action when it detects anything abnormal happening in the system, and it will cut off the supply of electricity along that specific circuit.

Being one of the most crucial parts of the electrical system, it needs proper attention to keep breakers intact.

Like many electrical services, we offer to change the broken or malfunctioned breakers at your house.

If any abnormality occurs within the system, the breaker will keep you safe by eliminating the circuit and it will reduce the chances of calling an emergency electrician.

5. Electrical circuitry upgrades

An electrical circuit like electrical breakers has a finite capacity. They can not withstand higher voltage than their capacity. A weaker electrical circuit needs a significant upgrade to make things safer and prevent the following problems:

  • Blackouts
  • Electric fires
  • Overloading

Upgrading will make it safer for you and your family. It will also allow you to have multiple devices at a time!

Image of our electrical contractor and a client shaking hands on the Sunshine Coast

Don’t DIY – call LiVE Services Groupfor electrical services

It is your house. You do not want any inexperienced human being to play with your electrical wirings.

Whether it is a minor or significant upgrade, you will need an expert electrician for the work in South East Queensland.

We will work for you to plan and install electric circuits, devices and much more!

Want our insight into your plans? We’re always available to talk – get in touch with our team and call anytime at 1800 548 332 or contact us at our website.

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