How To Replace Rubber Seal At Back Of Toilet

Replacing the rubber seal at the back of a toilet is an essential part of plumbing maintenance for any homeowner. A leaky or faulty seal can cause water to escape from the tank, leading to potential damage and costly repairs. This article will provide detailed instructions for replacing a worn-out rubber seal with ease and […]

What Is The Average Average Water Bill In Brisbane

The average water bill in Brisbane is an important factor for citizens to consider when planning their budget. The financial impact of this cost can be substantial, and understanding how it compares with other cities can inform decisions about where to live or work. This article will explore the average water bill in Brisbane and […]

How To Change A Tap Washer (A DIY Guide)

LiVE Services Group plumber conducting tap washer replacement at customers house

Do you want to feel liberated from the tyranny of a dripping tap? Do you long for an end to your sleepless nights spent counting drops instead of sheep? With just a few simple tools and steps, I’ll show you how to change that pesky washer in no time at all. No more waiting around […]

How To Remove Plumbers Putty

LiVE Services Group plumber removing plumbers putty after a bathroom installation

Plumbers putty is a very important tool in the plumbing industry, and can be used for many different situations. But sometimes it’s necessary to remove the plumber’s putty from certain areas. As a senior manager of a plumbing company, I understand how difficult this process can be – especially if you don’t have experience with […]