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3 Reasons Why A Reverse Cycle Split Air Conditioner Is The Best Out There

3 Reasons Why A Reverse Cycle Split Air Conditioner Is The Best Out There

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If you haven’t heard of reverse cycle split air conditioners, then you are missing out with the most awesome innovation in air condition technology! 

We could list so many reasons why it is the best AC in town but we would summarize everything in these top 3 reasons.

#1: It cools your home in summer and heats it up in winter

Reverse Cycle Split AC cools and heats!

To start, this type of air conditioner is particularly a split type. Unlike the old box type model of air condition unit, this one has two major partitions, the inner one that can be found inside your room which contains the controls and the outer part which is located outside the house connected to the inner part through pipes/tubes.

What makes this type exceptional compared to the rest is that it has a reverse cycle feature, which is quite similar to the reverse functionality of a vacuum cleaner.

How does it work?

A normal air conditioning unit collects warm air inside the house and exhausts it outside, replacing it with cold air through refrigerants. This feature allows you to have comfortably cool rooms during summer.

With a reverse cycle functionality, your AC unit is now able to collect the warm air outside your house and diffuse it inside. This feature transforms your AC unit into a heater during winter.

But is there warm air outside during winter?

There is! Warm air is present outside even during winter! So why not put this precious warm air into good use, right?

For this reason, reverse cycle split type AC is becoming a popular choice in many Australian homes, especially those with long summers but relatively short and moderate winters. Instead of having an air conditioner for summer and electric heater for winter, people are starting to invest in an AC that can do both. 

#2 It is energy efficient

As mentioned earlier, having a reverse cycle split type air conditioner is like having both an AC and an electric heater, but did we mention it will cost less as well?

We all know how much it adds to the bills to run an electric heater during winter. Well, using a reverse cycle to warm up your household will not cost you that much. Why? It is simply because instead of generating heat as electrical heaters do, it simply accumulates heat from another source, which is the natural outdoors.

Moreover, this type usually comes with built-in energy saver features like the thermostat and thermal adaptive comfort. The thermostat regulates the temperature keeping it at your desired degree throughout the time the AC functions. You wouldn’t want your AC to keep sending out cold air until it feels like you’re inside the fridge, right? If this appeals to you, the adaptive feature of this AC can censor whether the room is occupied, when it’s not, the unit will minimize its performance to save energy.

#3 It acts as a dehumidifier, too

Last but not the list, reverse cycle split type air conditioner also serves as a dehumidifying system in a room. During summer, when the air inside the room becomes very humid, the unit attracts this water vapour from the room and turns them to water droplets before discarding them out of the house through the hose. However, when the reverse cycle is at work, it filters the humidity outside so it won’t go along the warm air that is being diffused inside. For more information about the importance of dehumidifying your home and workplace, feel free to read through this article.

There you have it; these three reasons give you a hint of why investing in a reverse cycle split type air conditioner is one of the best decisions you will ever make for your home improvement.

Do you need help installing your reverse cycle unit? Send us a message to get your free quote. 

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