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6 Signs That Tell You To Call An Emergency Electrician In South East Queensland

6 Signs That Tell You To Call An Emergency Electrician In South East Queensland

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Electrical problems vary in their nature. Some of them can be delayed for days, and some need an emergency solution.

If you want golden electrical advice, then we must say never neglect the minor electrical issues because they can overgrow and can become a significant danger.

Some people make the mistake of delaying the solutions to electrical problems for weeks and even months. And what happens in most of the cases is that they end up with electrical fires, electrocution or short circuits.

You should not ignore the electrical faults as they can cause a high risk to your lives and property. It’s better to be aware of these life-threatening electric issues. When you sense something like that, you should immediately call a local electrician on 1800 548 332 or book an online appointment at Live services group.

How can you know about potential electric risks?

To know about the potential electric risks, you should do a regular electrical inspection. By this, you can quickly learn about the problem at the very start and can avoid any electrical emergency.

Further, you can reach out to the electrician immediately in case you notice the following signs.

1.    Burning smell

The burning smell is the most significant sign, which can be assessed quickly. A burning smell is caused by the burning of wires, which can turn into electrical fire or cause other problems. So never ignore the anonymous burning smell.

If you smell anything like that, immediately take action by turning off the power sources. You can also unplug the devices from power outlets to avoid any harm to electric accessories.

Once you turn off the power sources, you should seek the help of a licensed electrician. The electrician will do an inspection and will help you to avoid a home electrical fire.

2.    Electric Sparks

Small sparks generally happen when we plug a device in any electric socket. But if sparks appear to be continuous in any outlet or wiring, then this is a serious thing to be concerned about. It mostly happens due to faulty wiring and should be tackled on a priority basis to avoid further damage.

3.    Flickering lights

Flickering lights is generally considered a common thing, and no one notices it as a severe problem.

But if you notice dimming and flickering the lights more often, you should be concerned about it and call for an electrical inspection. It is caused by faulty wirings, overloaded circuits, faulty light switches, or voltage problems, leading to electric fire or short circuits.

4.    Warm power outlet

Power outlets get warm when we use high energy-consuming appliances, and it is not a thing to be concerned about.

But if you notice any outlet warm without plugging in any high power driven appliance. In that case, you may seek the help of Live Services Group electricians in South East Queensland as these warm outlets can be due to faulty wiring and can lead to an electric fire.

It is suggested to keep an eye on your outlets, sockets and switches; whenever you feel any danger, immediately call for an emergency electrician.

5.    Water damage

Water damage can cause serious issues to your electric system. You should seek the help of a licensed electrician if your property is exposed to flood, water leaking or water damage.

The electrician will inspect all cables and outlets exposed to water and will immediately replace them if needed. By this, you can easily avoid any possible risk of electrocution.

6.    Old property

If you live in an old property, then you must upgrade your electrical system. As in old property, electric wires and outlets get damaged and decayed with the time, and they need a regular up-gradation.

How do electric fires start?

Most electric fires start due to outdated and damaged electric outlets and wires.

The old power sockets are also a significant reason for electric fires. These sockets have two prongs for appliances. On the other hand, the modern electric sockets have three.

Three prong sockets are safer to use due to a ground wire absent in two-prong sockets. With the help of this ground, the electric surge is redirected into the ground; without this, it can lead to appliances and socket damage with the possibility of electrical shock.

What should you do in an electrical emergency?

If you want to protect your home from any risk of electric fire, power outage and electrocution, you should be proactive about these electrical emergencies.

If there is any electrical emergency, you should take the following important steps.

Step 1. Turn off the main power source:

Turning off the main power source should be the first and foremost step in any electrical emergency. By doing this, you can protect outlets, switches and appliances from any further damage.

If you notice any electrical emergency signs, such as a burning smell, spark or a warm outlet, immediately rush to turn off the supply or circuit breakers to minimise the risk of electric fire or shocks.

When the main supply is turned off, there will be no current flow on any vulnerable site, and there will be no further damage when there is no current.

Step 2. Check the source of the electrical issue

Once you turn off the main power supply, you should look for the source of the electric issue. It could be due to faulty appliances, burned outlets and even flickering lights. You can find the cause of the problem by looking for visual clues by doing the inception; you should be more careful. Never touch any electric wire or any damaged appliances.

Instead, go for step 3.

Step 3. Call a certified electrician in the South East Queensland

After you check the apparent source for an electrical emergency, contact a local and reliable electrician who can provide you with an immediate solution and protect you, your family, and your house from unexpected electrical damage.

Electrical issues should not be dealt with on your own. Instead, it is always wise to seek the help of a certified electrician who can do inception and suggest this problem.

Dial triple zero if required

In case of any immediate danger, you should call on triple zero to get the help of police, fire brigade and ambulance.

Need an emergency electrician in South East Queensland:

Now you can keep your home and property safe from any emergency with the help of certified electricians in South East Queensland.

We at Live services group, provides solutions to all kind of electrical emergencies.

Call Live Services Group anytime on 1800 548 332 or book a job with us online, today!

For further queries email us at

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