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Top tips for upgrading your bathroom lighting

Top tips for upgrading your bathroom lighting

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Midnight trips to the bathroom can confuse you a lot, especially if you hit something because of the lack of appropriate lighting.

When you face a lot of danger, your foot slips, and other injuries, you should know that it is time to pay special attention to the bathroom lighting.

If you are also planning to improve your current lighting and looking for intelligent ways to enhance your bathroom’s beauty and lighting system, you are lucky enough that you have landed at this place. In our earlier articles, we also covered kitchen and bedroom lighting tips, and now we are going to give a detailed guide to upgrading the lighting in your bathroom.

We have the most expert electricians at LiVE Services Group who provide their services in the South East Queensland region.

So, whether you need emergency lighting or wiring repair for your bathroom, they can help you out with detailed bathroom lighting renovation.

Immediately reach out to them at 1800 548 332.

Why is good bathroom lighting important?

Although bathrooms are not as functional as other parts of the home, they are the most critical part of the home. Nowadays, homeowners also pay special attention to the lighting arrangements of the bathroom.

In fact, you cannot neglect the lighting of modern bathrooms because it is an essential part of home renovation.

1.    Good lighting transforms bathroom appearance

Have you ever visited the hotels and seen their beautiful bathrooms? It is no secret that all the hotels and day spas pay special attention to their bathrooms.

Whenever you enter their bathrooms, you feel clean and refreshed.

The size of the bathroom does not matter; instead, the sound quality lights can even change the appearance of the smallest bathroom.

The appropriate choice of lighting shows the compatibility of the particular place and influences it directly. So, if you want to add relaxing effects to your bathroom, we recommend you to call the residential professional electricians in South East Queensland who will make your bathroom according to your desire.

2.    Bathroom lighting affects mood

Bathrooms are not just for cleaning purposes; instead, they are the best relaxing place, and the excellent lighting helps you achieve these goals.

It is no secret that your bathroom should be the most serene, peaceful, and comfortable place. For this purpose, you should make arrangements that allow the entry of natural light and air. Natural light and air will keep your bathroom well-ventilated. When you go to the bathroom in the morning, it impacts your mind positively.

Just imagine starting your day with beautiful rays of sunlight and refreshing waves of air. It will prepare you for a productive day by rejuvenating your energy and bringing you back to the right emotional state.

3.    Maximisation of energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness

If we take any electricity bill of a house up to 10% are only charges of lighting.

If you design your bathroom in such a way that the whole lighting arrangement remains teamed during the day, and the natural light enters the bathroom, you have a considerable reduction in your energy bills. It is also a cost-effective way of brightening your bathroom and keeping It free from germs.

You can also consider the installation of the window with a very natural scene outside. For example, if your window opens to the swimming pool in your yard or a tree through which the skylight enters your bathroom, it will make your day.

There are various benefits of having an airy bathroom because it keeps the whole environment refreshing and kills germs.

4.    Keep safe at night

When the lighting setup of your bathroom is improved, and the bathroom will be adorned with good lighting, you will comfortably get to your bathroom at night and never get injured due to the lack of proper lighting.

Lighting tips in the bathroom

Here are a few tips that will help you maintain a balance between practicality and mood and help you analyse what should be done to elevate the lighting in your home, especially the bathroom.

1.    Choosing the right bulb

As we know that the leading light of the bathroom is often the bulb, so you should invest in energy-efficient and cost-effective LED lights instead of high power bulbs. The bathroom is where you use it frequently, and you cannot afford to pay high energy bills due to high power lighting accessories.

It is worth mentioning that the most common concept related to the temperature of the bathroom is that it is always described concerning light bulbs. Remember that it does not refer to the heat generated by the light bulb; instead, it relates to the colour of lighting because each colour has different warm effects.

If you want to create a warm bathroom, we recommend you proceed with yellow and red bulbs. However, if you live in a hot area and look for a relaxed and clean space, blue and white colours will work for you.

2.    Make your light easy to use even in the dark

Midnight bathroom trips are ordinary, especially if the lighting is not appropriate. We recommend you proceed with unique and modern lighting solutions such as the ones that require voice activation.

3.    Brightness controls

Do not keep on turning on and off the lights all the time. Instead, focus on dim lights, but lights should not be too bright; rather, some of the switches should be attached to the dim lights.

It is time to upgrade bathroom lighting by taking the help of our electricians.

The domestic electricians available at LiVE Services Group are experts in upgrading bathroom lighting. They will collaborate with you and choose the best lights that will suit your home decor and bathroom environment.

The best part is that we are not restricted to bathroom lighting, whether it is a theatre or any other room, we cover them all.

Then what are you waiting for?

Call Live Services Group anytime on 1800 548 332 or book a job with us online today!

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