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Why Should You Consider Dehumidifying Your Home and Workplace?

Why Should You Consider Dehumidifying Your Home and Workplace?

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Does your home or workplace always seem to feel musty? Or do you always feel like it’s too hot inside your own space? 

The stale air and uncomfortable temperatures have something to do with the relative humidity in your place. 

So what is humidity?

Humidity is the amount of water vapour suspended in the air. If there’s a lot of vapour in the air, the atmosphere may feel moist and muggy. This causes discomfort as our body cannot perspire properly in these conditions. That is why it feels hotter when humidity is higher. 

What is the acceptable humidity rating inside your home and offices?

According to the experts, the level of relative humidity in an occupied space shall not be lower than 30% and not higher than 50%. A higher level of humidity inside your home or workplace results in a negatively huge impact on both the property and its occupants.  

So, what are the harmful effects of high relative humidity inside our homes and workplace?

To begin with, most known allergens, bacteria and viruses thrive in humid places. Here are some of the ill effects it can bring to your health.

High Risk for Virus and Bacteria Transmission 

Mould, for instance, breeds more easily in areas with high humidity. These moulds can cause allergies to the occupants after long exposure, not to mention they stink. For this reason, people with asthma and other respiratory ailments tend to feel sick inside a humid room. The risk of virus and bacteria transmission is also high in humid areas as the pathogens do not only suspend longer in the air but also grow faster due to warmer temperature.

Dangerous for Individuals with High Blood Pressure and Heart Problems

High humidity in your place is dangerous as well for people with high blood pressure and other heart problems. As mentioned earlier, in a highly humid environment, the amount of water vapour in the air prevents the body from perspiring well. Perspiration is our natural cooling mechanism and when we cannot properly sweat during hot weather, the tendency of heart attack, heat stroke and increase in blood pressure will be high. 

Property Breakdown 

Other problems that may arise due to high relative humidity concerns the property we occupy. If your house or office seems to always feel musty or the walls kind of ‘sweat’ and you can observe small black dots forming on your walls, then your property is being damaged by humidity. Aside from the bad odour, it gives off, constant moisture and mould formation are really bad for the walls as they peel off paint and corrode the concrete.

Additionally, pests such as dust mites and bugs are attracted to humid places. These pests are responsible for wood decay and deformation. If your home or workplace has high relative humidity, you are basically inviting these pests inside. 

Now, how can you solve the horrors brought by the high level of humidity inside your homes and offices? 

Fortunately, there is an answer to this common property issue, it is called dehumidification. You may not know it and it may sound unfamiliar but you are actually practising dehumidification. often than you can imagine. 

When you use an exhaust fan, you are already dehumidifying a closed space. 

How is this possible?

By regulating the air circulation inside the room, exhaust fans somehow get the water vapours from the room to the outdoors. 

Using Your AC Unit to Dehumidify Your Home and Workplace

Using your air conditioning unit is another way to dehumidify your home and workplace. 

Here’s a bit of history:

An air conditioner is actually made for this purpose as Willis Carrier invented the machine to dehumidify a printing office in 1902. A mechanism in modern air conditioners transforms the accumulated water vapour in the room into water droplets being dispensed through the hose. The good thing about using the air conditioner as a dehumidifier is that it doesn’t just get rid of the humidity in the room but cools the room as well, making the overall atmosphere more comfortable for the occupants.


To sum it up, dehumidifying your home and workplace is essential in promoting the health and comfort of your loved ones, your employees and yourself. It also helps your property to last longer and be safer to stay in.

So what are you waiting for? Get a reliable air conditioning unit to start dehumidifying your homes. Contact us, today.

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