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5 Problems That Might Be Causing Flickering Lights

5 Problems That Might Be Causing Flickering Lights

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Flickering, flickering, and flickering! It literally never stops!

The light of the living room is flickering, and it draws your attention. You see it and get frustrated. You think that you are distracted by this malfunction and returns to your work thinking that it is more important, and you need to focus on something else.

For most individuals, flickering light is annoying, and that’s it!

However, it becomes part of the routine. After some time, you see it and ignore it because now it is harmless to you.

However, in reality, it is something to worry about!

So, the question is, what do you need to do when you face any such problem? Do not delay and call an expert lighting electrician in South East Queensland.

Should I worry about flickering lights?

Are flickering lights dangerous?

Do you think flickering lights are harmless? Don’t you dare think that. Flickering lights is a symptom that there is another electrical issue with your electrical system.

Flickering lights are not only dangerous for the electrical system of your house, but they are extremely dangerous for your eyes as well. It can cause sourness in the eyes and impact your emotions and moods very much.

It is often an indication that there is another underlying issue with the electrical system of your house. You may think flickering is not an issue, but actually, it is.

Each electrical problem is potentially dangerous because it can lead to other complications. These minor problems pose a potential tangible danger. If these problems occur frequently, it is an indication of other issues:

  • Electric fires
  • Frequently tripping switches
  • Risk of electrical surges
  • Overloading issues

That is why you need to get your electrical system get checked by a pro electrician. Sooner or later, you are going to need a pro, so why not earlier?

What do you need to do when a light flickers? Simply do not delay and call an expert local electrician in South East Queensland.

What are flickering lights a sign of?

As said earlier, flickering light indicates other complications – that is why flickering lights are harmful.

What causes lights to flicker and dim in a home

1.    Overloaded circuit

If lights frequently blink in your home, that is not a good sign. Especially when other appliances and lights in different rooms start to blink, it indicates an overloaded system.

An overloaded circuit may cause light to flicker. It is an indication that there is an overloading issue in your electrical system.

Electrical circuits are simply intended to deal with a specific amount of power in a given time – push your course past its cutoff points, and you may see that the if affects the whole power supply, with flashing lights being the most apparent side effect.

Large equipment devours more current to be turned on.

It then, at that point, influences what amount is left for your different machines, influencing their exhibition and on account of your lights, making them glimmer and faint.

The solitary answer for this (other than scattering apparatus use – something that isn’t generally possible) is growing your electrical circuits and expanding their ability.

2.    Loose and outdated electrical wirings

Electrical wiring should be secured. If it is not, then it can lead to problems like flickering lights.

In other words, flickering lights indicate that there is some problem with your electrical system, and it needs your immediate attention. Otherwise, the minor issue may exploit the whole system.

Sometimes, the current may jump from one circuit to another if it comes in contact with other wires. That is why it is essential to have your wires properly insulated and get them checked by a professional electrician over time.

This jump can cause flickering lights. However, this situation becomes more alarming because it increases the risk of home electrical fire drastically. Lose electrical wiring can create heat. Electricity is not hot itself, but when it enters the wrong circuit, it can generate heat because of the current coming from a different direction or similar issues.

The best way to avoid any such issue is to hire a local electrician to help you with the solution.

3.    Voltage fluctuations

In addition to the reason mentioned earlier, any fluctuation in voltage can cause the lights to flicker. Dropping voltage means decreasing power. And diminished power can cause the blinking of lights.

Lights are also designed to work on a specific voltage. They also function the same way your electrical system does, as it operates on a particular voltage.

Some signs involving voltage that can cause flickering:

  • Sudden and unexpected dimming of lights
  • Disrupting operation of appliances
  • Continuous flickering of devices when you turn them on

Flickering becomes more dangerous when it occurs due to other reasons such as issues with voltage. Because now, not only that particular light of equipment is at stake, but your whole system is under constant threat of getting burnt or causing an electrical fire.

Then comes the circuit breakers!

They are installed to deal with any such issue involving sudden surge or drop in voltage, but if they too do not help, then it is an obvious sign that crucial measures are not working in your system, and you need emergency help to get through it.

4.    Lose light bulb

If there is only one bulb that is constantly blinking, then most of the time, it is due to losing socket or losing grip. For instance, if a bulb is not fit in the socket and does not connect with the sources of electricity properly, then it is mostly like for the bulb to flicker.

Instead of checking the breakers or other critical points in your electrical system, it is vital to check the compatibility of your bulb with the socket. It will most probably solve the issue if only one bulb is causing all the problems.

In such cases, usually tightening or screwing that bulb solves the issue!

5.    Faulty light switches

Have you ever come across any faulty light switches? If you did, then you know better about the topic. It is often the most annoying experience. You press the button, and it did not work; instead, bulb or any other device starts to blink and flicker. It is because that there is a poor connection between the wire and the switch.

And in another case, there may be a fault within the switch. In either case, it is you and your light bulb that suffers!

Do not try any DIY technique in this case because in this case, you are exposing yourself to direct electricity, and it is extremely dangerous.

6.    What would cause LED lights to flicker?

And what about LED lights? Since traditional bulbs and florescent bulbs operate on other principles, then what is the fundamental difference between blinking of both types of bulbs?

It is clear that most of the time, the cause of flickering lies within your circuits, wirings, and sockets and not in the bulb itself—similarly, the LED light bulb flicker due to the same reasons.

When you see your lights flickering, your immediate reaction should not be to ignore it. Please take it as a warning and ask for help from experts.

What you need to do is to call us for 24 hours available electrician right away!

Do you have issues with flickering lights?

Call Live Services Group today!

The central area of concern is the flickering lights and bulbs because it imposes a severe threat to the safety of your house and your family.

It would be best if you made sure that everything is in its place and working correctly.

The team at Live Services Group can help you to solve every problem related to electricity.

Make your lighting as safe and effective as possible with Live Services Group – call us on 1800 548 332 or contact us on our website to book a job with us today.

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